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Nap time

Remember this post about the colt and it's mama?

Well here they are again in a different part of the pasture.  I knew that I would get a picture one of these days of the baby colt taking it's morning nap.  I just didn't think it would be this soon.  The mama is actually a Lipizzan breed.


ABC Wednesday


Today is ABC Wednesday over at Mrs Nesbitt's Place, and the letter O.  I thought and thought of O letters and wanted to be a bit different.  This is what I came up with so I hope you enjoy. for Outhouse


This outhouse is only a decoration.  My neighbor made this a few years ago for their backyard.


This outhouse I found outside an Antique Shop.  I think this one is an original one that was moved from somewhere else.  I'm not sure if they plan on using this as a decoration outside their shop or if they intend on selling it. for Octagon screenhouse


Thanks for visiting my ABC Wednesday.  Head on over to Mrs Nesbitt's Place to see some more.

Starting a New Blogging Year

Last night after Jim got home from his all day class and he ate his dinner (which by the way was a great Chicken recipe that I got from Niki's blog.  You bake it in the oven and it's so good).  We went for a walk down by the river.  Of course we brought Sadie along and did she cry when we got in the car to go home. :(  She loves the river.


I didn't take my camera last night but I took this picture on our Sunday walk.  Like I posted yesterday you see the craziest things.  All you have to do is look.


Every Spring on this farm you will see baby colts.  Usually there are a couple of colts, but today there was just the one.  It's funny sometimes you will drive by and the colt will be taking a nap and the mama will be near by.  I've yet to get a picture of that.

The light now works on my sewing machine.  It was just a burnt out bulb...whew!!!!

You all have a great day today.

Just some small talk

On our walk yesterday down by the river we noticed that all the plants were starting to bloom.  One of the flowering plants the Prairie Trillium were starting to flower.


Today is my Blog Anniversary.  I can't believe that I have been blogging for a year now.  There have been a lot of changes that have gone on here on this blog, and there just maybe more changes.  You just never know.

Today is Granddaughter Kiirsti's birthday.  Happy Birthday Kiirst.

Jim and Josh are out the door this morning to an all day CAD class.  So it's just me and the dog, and it's off to the vets we go.  She is starting to lose some of her teeth and the bottom gums don't look too good.  She's actually due to got to the Vets tomorrow, but we'll go today instead.  Sadie has been a bad girl.  The other day she got in my sewing room and pulled my sewing machine down.  I could have cried when I saw it on the floor.  After checking it out everything seems fine with it, but my light is broken.  I'll have to go to the sewing store to get a new light bulb.  I am hoping that is all that is wrong, that it just needs a new bulb. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes you can spy the craziest things.  Jim actually spied this one.  This plant is growing up through a hole in a leaf.

You all have a great Monday today.

It's a cool one today


Here in the Mid-West the temps have dropped some.  Just the other day we had the windows open and the dog was panting so bad from the warm weather.  Now the heat is going on all the time.

The other day while out driving around I spied this field of flowers in a park.  I'm thinking they are a species of wild violets.  I'm not really sure, and I tried checking on the web but didn't come up with anything close.  If I'm over by that area again I'll stop in and ask the Gardener who takes care of all the flowers in the parks in town.  These apparently spread.

Wouldn't it be neat to look out your kitchen window and see this everyday? :)

Playing around


I've been having some fun lately playing around with my photos.  I haven't posted anything to this effect but I kind of like it's look.  I was going to use this shot in black and white for my "Impromptu Photos" but decided to do something different with it instead.

This is one of the railroad tracks that runs by my house.  Usually in the summer time when the train whistle blows it starts the Coyotes howling.

Lighthouses and Old Buildings

Yesterday I took the morning and went to a neighboring town and just drove around taking pictures of things that I found interesting.An_archway_4 


I also did some sewing on the aprons, but I'm not happy with the quality of the material so I'm going to get some new material and start all over.  I'll make the aprons that I've already cut out and just keep them for home when the girls do baking.  You can never have enough aprons.  I just can't sell them if I feel the quality is not right.

DH and I went to a presentation on Wisconsin Lighthouses last night and it was wonderful.  The couple who did the presentation did a super job.  We haven't been to any lighthouses lately and seeing them last night really got me to want to get out and see them again.  We stayed in a Lighthouse up in White Fish Point, actually in the Life Boat Station Crews Quarters.  We only stayed one night but I wish we could have stayed more.

These two pictures are ones I took when we were on our way to Rogers City for a fishing tournament a couple of years ago, and on our way home.  I scanned these and they don't look too bad.



There is so much beauty right in our own backyard you just have to look.