Our new addition...
Hat and Scarf

crazy weekend...

I am so glad that it is Monday.  We had such a crazy busy weekend, and it all started on Thursday when Jim and I were out to dinner for Valentine's Day.  He mentioned to me about getting a dog and by Saturday we were driving 684 miles round trip to get one.  I guess we both have secretly wanted to get a dog ever since we dog sat for Gulliver a couple of summers ago.  Then when my sister got Cleo, that really got me to wanting to get a dog.


This is Cleo.  Isn't she cute?

Lots of company over yesterday to see Sadie.  She was wonderful with the kids and when everyone left she just sacked out she was so tired from all the company.

I am guessing that with potty training and just plain taking care of a puppy, my sewing will be put on hold for a bit.  I hope not tho.  I will post later the project that I made with the yarn.  I finished it on Saturday in the car.  Other than a new puppy, there is nothing else going on right now.

Life is good.

You all have a great day.