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christmas lights...





On the way back home last night from Jason and Kate's, we passed by this massive display of Christmas lights.  I have never seen so many lights displayed in a yard like this before.  It was really neat to see.  Sorry if they are a touch blurry.  I wished that I could have gotten the whole yard in one picture.  It was a sight to see.


Our granddaughter is crawling now, and she loves this tunnel.   We had a nice visit last night, and a wonderful dinner there.  Kate had to get Jason's Christmas present, so Jim went with Kate to pick it up.  Jason was pretty curious as to what she wanted to go pick up.  He found out when they got to the store.  It was way too heavy for Kate to carry by herself, she needed Jim to help, and I don't think I could have helped much, so Jason had to help.  So he got his Christmas present early this year.  I had the best job, I stayed back to babysit.

I have been so busy this week.  I haven't really been able to sit and check out all the blogs that I love to visit daily.  I have visited only a few this week.  Today is another busy day, we bring lunch to Jim's biggest clients.  I do have my Christmas Eve dinner planned out now.  This year we will be staying home on Christmas Day.  We usually pop over to Jim's parents home for Christmas and his dad's birthday (he's a Christmas baby and a twin), but they will be gone this year to Minnesota to spend Christmas with some of Jim's siblings that live there.  I plan to make some breakfast casseroles and a ham.  I want to make Nisu too, for Christmas morning.  well I have lots to do today, so I best be going.

You all have a wonderful day.

busy times...


My Annalee dolls, Mr and Mrs Claus, with my silver tree.  These are 2 of my favorite Christmas decorations.  They are from my mother, she has collected Annalee dolls for years.  The tree was hers too, and I have just recently acquired it.

Life sure has been busy around here lately.  I have wrapped all my gifts and realized I am short one gift, luckily it's not a big deal.  I just have to run out and get something small.  Tonight we went to the wake, and tomorrows the funeral.  I am working the funeral, but after we are heading out to Jason and Kate's for a visit.  I am too tired to even post a lot tonight, so I will hit the sack.  Tomorrow is another day. 

cookie baking day...



My sister and I made lots and lots of cookies today.  We made only two kinds tho.  Kiss cookies and Butter Cookies which are cut outs.  I will post about the Butter cookies at a later date.

Unfortunately my back was hurting, I am not sure what I did, I woke up with it hurting.  I will have to go to the chiropractor on Monday, but other than that it was a nice day.  Snow was falling all day, Christmas music playing, and my sisters dog Cleo just milling around checking everything out.  She's not used to being off her lease.  Donna really keeps a close eye on her so she stays out of mischief.

Finished all my Christmas sewing projects.  I can't post them yet, but I will later.  Now I plan to start working on that new fabric I bought.

Hope your weekend has been going good.

i'm so excited, and i just can't hide it...


I just got this in the mail today.  My new camera strap. I LOVE IT!  How can a person love something so much, but I do.  Just look how cute this is, and when I put it on my camera and wore it, WOW! it is so comfortable.  I found this over at Randi's blog i have to say, but I ordered it on her Etsy shop Simple Things.  It came really fast and apparently PayPal over charged me $2.00, which I did notice but thought that I just missed something, but the wonderful person that Randi is, she wrote me a check for the overcharge.  She has the cutest things in her Etsy shop, go on over and check it out.

Randi, Thanks so much, you did a wonderful job on the strap, I am so glad I bought it.

fridays "show and tell"...



Hosted by Kelli over at "There is no place like home".  If you would like to see more Show & Tell just click on her name.


This glass bowl has some history to it in my husbands family.  This bowl was Jim's grandfathers, that was passed down to his son Peter (Jim's uncle) and now passed down to Jim.  This bowl was used for baptisms.  The handkerchiefs are both handmade.  The one on the right was made by Jim's aunt.  She made it for Peter to use for the baptisms, and it was kept with the bowl.  I made the one on the left for Jim to use.  They both are kept with the bowl now.  I am not sure how old this bowl is.  It was old when Vaari got it, and he was born in 1901, and "Vaari" is the Finnish word for grandfather, and it's what everyone called him.

Vaari was a Lay Preacher who came to America via Canada from Finland, and settled in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, when he was a young man.  This bowl was used by Vaari when he baptized babies in his home.  Years ago Vaari did many home baptisms as well as weddings.  People would just stop by the home unannounced, and have Vaari baptize their baby, any time of day or night.  I am not sure when Vaari passed this bowl on to his son Peter, who is also a Minister.  Peter used this bowl also in his home as well, many many times, for many many years.

A few years ago, Peter passed this bowl down to Jim.  Jim was pretty touched to be given this wonderful treasure.  We don't have many baptisms in our church here, where the parents stop by unannounced to the ministers home.  Jim did have one, and we were so tickled to use the bowl that his grandfather and uncle used, many many times before.  We had a wonderful visit after the baptism with this young mother, and it made us think of how it must have been like for Jim's grandfather and uncle, to have an unannounced baptism.  This bowl has been also used, when some of our grandchildren were baptized in our home.

So for the time being, until that next unannounced baptism, or scheduled baptism, it will sit in the china cabinet.


I hope you enjoyed a little bit of some family history.  Thanks for stopping by.

diet coke...


I just have to show you my new ornament that I got at my favorite store today.  I stopped there to buy some more Christmas greens.  They had been out of the ones I wanted until today.  When I went into pay, this was hanging on a little tree on the counter.  I just had to get it.  It set me back .75 cents (lol).  Some of you who read my blog (but are lurkers) and know me very well, know that I love Diet Coke.  I just couldn't pass this up and who could beat that price.  I just had to share this.

Oh, and our son Dan is moving back home from Minnesota.  This is really going to be a wonderful Christmas.  He won't have to be traveling back and forth to Iowa all the time.  He liked his job, but I guess it can get pretty lonely living in a hotel room, and traveling so much.  Call me a mother hen, I just am happy to have all my "single" chicks home.  Maybe I'm not really quite ready to have an "empty nest" yet.

You all have a good night.

christmas stockings...


Last year I got tired of my Christmas stocking, and Jim's wasn't in any better shape than mine.  Our stockings are the ones we used when we were young.  Just plain ole red Christmas stockings.  I decided to make us some new ones, so off I went and dug in my stash of fabrics and felt, and put these together.  Now I want to make some new ones for the kids living at home.

For the first time in years I am not feeling the stress of the upcoming holiday.  I am basically done with my shopping.  I just have a couple of things to get, and 1 1/2 things to finish up, and that's it.  This Saturday, I plan to do some Christmas baking with my sister, our annual event.  Friday night is our Church Christmas party, and Sunday night is our Sunday School Christmas program.  This weekend appears to be a busy one.

It really seems to me that more and more people are wanting to simplify Christmas.  Since I have tried to do that, I have really felt stress free, but not only that, I have really looked at gift giving in a whole different light.  I have decided to give practical gifts and really think about the gift I am giving, and not just give a gift just to give something.  After Bible class tonight a few of us were talking about Christmas shopping and buying of gifts.  Someone mentioned about Jesus getting 3 gifts at his birth.  That is such a wonderful idea, I wish that I had thought of that and started right from the very beginning with my children.  Just giving them 3 gifts, as Jesus received.  It's not that we went overboard with gift giving, how can you with 11 children.  I just think, that the giving of 3 gifts really puts the emphasis on the "true" meaning of Christmas, and helps to keep that in focus. 

I can't really put a finger on it, but I am really excited about Christmas this year.  I have so much to be thankful for, and I am very blessed to have the wonderful family that I have.