last day of school...
hockey anyone?...

it's sauna and challah bread night...

I have been wanting to make this Challah Bread that I found over at Niki's blog.  It is a lot like the Nisu I make but not as sweet.  Niki it is wonderful.  My dear Husband ate 4 slices with butter on it, while it was still warm.  I know I will be making this bread again.  I didn't have sesame seeds so I couldn't add them and I didn't do the egg wash, but it still turned out great.



Elaine and her family came by for sauna.  Of course we always have juice and snack afterward.  Kiirsti told me when she came up from the sauna "Grandma, your bread smells soooo good".


She enjoyed 3 slices of bread.




The grand kids all came up rosy cheeked from sauna, and after having something to eat, they had fun playing.