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The boys suited up and went to their former home rink where they played High School Hockey.  The annual Alumni Hockey game, where it was Alumni-vs-Alumni.  When the boys were on the High School team it was the Alumni-vs-Varsity, which was a lot of fun to watch.  The only one missing was Jake, since joining the Army he has only been able to make 1 Alumni game.  It was a lot of fun to watch the boys play again.  The first 2 goals of the game were scored by Phil, assisted by his brothers Josh and Dan, but that wasn't to be their only goals and assists of the game.


Phil, Josh, Dan at the 2007 Alumni Game. 


Facing off on the same line.  This is the first time that Josh has ever played with Dan in a competitive hockey game.  Josh has played with Jake and Phil, and Dan has played with Jake and Phil.  Josh at the top being the older of the 4 brothers and Dan at the bottom being the youngest of the 4 brothers that played.

This was by far the best Alumni game that we watched.  Dan got hurt not too far into the game.  His old coach was hooking him pretty good and when he went down his leg hyper extended.  After being helped off the ice and into the locker room, a former teammate, now an EMT checked him out, but after finding out that he could stand up and move his foot around, Dan couldn't get his skate back on fast enough, he wanted back out there (Stubborn Finn).  By the end of the game, he and his brothers managed to show the rest of the Alumni team that they still had it in them (hurt or not).   Needless to say Jim and Dan sat in the Acute Care on Christmas Eve, to see if his leg was broken or just sprained, the verdict was just a bad sprain and possibly a slight fracture but the treatment would be just stay off it for a few days and ice it.  Yesterday, tough guy was out playing boot hockey.  Don't cry to me if it won't heal.  Like I said before STUBBORN FINN!!!!!!