happy birthday Dan...

girls weekend...

Friday I left to go on a girls weekend with my daughters.  We drove 5 hours away and met my other daughter who lives in Minnesota, she only had to drive 3 hours.  As usual when ever I go anywhere without Jim, this is what I have to drive through.


The roads were awful.  We saw lots and lots of cars and semi-trucks in the ditch.  There had to be in the upwards of 20+ vehicles, some were flipped on their sides or tops.  The last truck we saw on it's side in the ditch before we got to our destination, still had the head lights on, so we figured it must have just happened.  I said a silent prayer that we made it there okay.

Note: I was not driving when I took this picture, my daughter Elaine was.  The time I took this picture the weather was okay, it got worse than this.


After driving through that, we opened the door to the Hotel room to find these "sweet" gifts waiting for us, from my thoughtful and creative daughter Carri, who had gotten there before we did.  Luckily her drive wasn't as bad as ours, since she was driving alone.


Here we all are, smiling for the camera.  We were all hungry, so off to the restaurant we went.

It was a fun weekend,  We played games, went shopping, talked, had delicious coffees that Carri made for us.  Elaine brought her Karaoke machine, and since we all love music, we had lots of fun with that.  We ate good without leaving the room.  We went and bought food to make in the room, and just chilled all Saturday Evening.

a side note: THANKS Bill!!!!!!!

I can't believe it is New Years Eve.  Where did the year go.  I really don't have any New Years resolutions.  I just plan to do what I have been doing, trying to eat healthy, exercise more, and enjoy my family.

You all have a wonderful and blessed New Year.