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Welcome to "Show & Tell Friday!" hosted by Kelli over at "There Is No Place Like Home".   To see more Show & Tells click on Kelli's name.

Today I am showing plates that our children made us.  When we moved in to the house we live in now, our 3rd child was starting kindergarten.  Our oldest 2 were in 1st and 2nd grade.  Every year the kindergarten classes made plates for their parents for Christmas.  Our first 2 never made a plate for us, and I never felt right about using or displaying the plates the other children made, because there were 2 plates missing. 

So, when our 2 oldest were in college, our daughter Carri contacted one of the kindergarten teachers to find out how her and Peter could make one for us.  The teacher was kind enough to give her all the information, so that Christmas in 1999 we received a plate from both of them.  Now I could display them.  They now sit on a plate rail that Jim made especially for these plates, and it runs just above my cupboards for all to see.  As you scroll down you will see that each plate is different, they may seem similar, but they are as different as the "artist" who drew them.  Each one unique in it's own way.


The two college kids plates.  Pete used his left hand I believe to make it appear that someone much younger made the plate.  Carri was her creative self in her plate.



Some of the plates didn't show any signs of Christmas or winter scenes, but scenes of rainbows and flowers.



Where some just had nothing but people, festive trees, and snowmen.



Add a turkey too...


with a bit of sunshine to go around.


Nothing but Christmas trees and gifts in the last three.



I cried when I opened those 2 plates in 1999.  It was one of the best Christmas presents I ever received.  It meant now I could put all the plates up to enjoy all the time.  Some of them are changing color, my guess it's from the sun, but those plates will stay up on that shelf forever.  I no longer get plates for Christmas.  I remember I couldn't wait to get them to see what our kindergartner made, it was always a special gift.

Again I hope you enjoyed my Show & Tell for the week.  Thanks for stopping by.