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We played a game on Christmas Eve.  I don't think it really has a name, but the gist of the game is to roll the dice until doubles are rolled.  If you roll a double you have to put on the hat, thick mittens, goggles and socks, once all the items are on you have to open the gift one layer at a time, until someone else rolls a double.  When that happens the person who rolled the double gets to put on all the items and them open the gift.  As the person is putting on the items and opening the gift, everyone keeps rolling the dice.  The one who opens the last layer before the next double is rolled gets to keep the gift.


The dice are being rolled as Jim is trying to open the gift with thick mittens on, believe me it looks easier than it was.


Here I am trying to put the items on as the dice are being rolled.

Note: Big kid standing on the couch to get a better look.


More of us trying to open and put the items on.


This was really a fun game for all the adults to play.  This was a wonderful end to a wonderful night.