table runners...
poinsettia napkin holder...

the holiday is over...

Today is Monday and I am not going to do the Monday Menu Plan as I have been doing.  I will resume next week.  With the holiday just getting over, I haven't even made my meal plan for the week yet.  I just haven't thought about it.  It's been pretty busy here.  I do have a few things up my sleeve for dinner and with Becky's surgery in 2 days my mind just has been elsewhere. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I did.  We had a quiet one.  I got to thinking that I didn't even take any pictures of my table or anyone, just RM, Pete and Jason carving the turkey.  When I went to put them on my blog, I couldn't find them.  That is when I realized that I deleted them off my camera thinking that I already transfered them to the computer.  So now, I officially don't have any pictures of Thanksgiving day.

One good thing, is I got my Christmas card picture taken and I made my own this year.  So I'll go and pick them up tomorrow and start on them.  I took another bunch of shots of the kids before Dan left for Iowa.  The girls were very cooperative, but the boys, or rather I should say, a boy wasn't so happy to get woke up from his afternoon nap, and it wasn't the one leaving either.  Like I said before it was much easier when they were smaller and there were more of them.

Now to get back to post holiday schedule.  RM is having sauna club here tonight.  My laundry room is loaded with laundry.  Someone decided to clean his room over the weekend {something is up, I just know it, he never cleans his room for no reason}.  Life is back to normal around here. 

Well I better get going.

You all have a great Monday.