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giving a gift of your time...

Have you ever thought about this, instead of giving a gift that you buy, you give a gift of your time?  This is another idea in the Celebrate Simply Book.  Your time is a valuable commodity to you, so to sacrifice your time to someone makes that gift much more meaningful.  One has to be creative with a gift of time.  You can't duplicate gifts of time, unlike store bought gifts, and giving a person a gift of your time shows that you are sensitive and practical to the persons needs.

If you really think hard about it, one can come up with many ideas, from doing the persons yard work, to doing their laundry, cleaning their house, clean their carpets, make a special meal for them including setting the table.  The list can go on and on.

How do you wrap the gift of time?  You want it to look special and not just like you threw it all together because you couldn't think of anything to give them. 

  • Create a homemade gift certificate for the service or labor you plan to give. Creatively wrap it in a box or put it in fancy stationary
  • Give a small visual representation of your gift, like a new feather duster if your gift is cleaning their house, with an IOU wrapped with it.
  • Create a mock menu, if the gift is a meal.

Again the list can go on and on, with how to present the gift.  Just be creative.  I just love this idea.  I hope you enjoyed it too.

Lots to do today, yesterday was very busy for me, trying to get things done.  Today I have office work and I want to do some more sewing.  So off I go.

You all have a great day.

where did the day go?

I can't believe that I haven't posted today.  I went and checked out some blogs this morning, but then I started cutting out some projects that I am making.  That really took me literally all day to do.

Erin's senior pictures were ready to be picked up, so I left to get those.  I put the girls to work making the Pasta Salad we were having for dinner tonight, when I left to get the pictures.  Speaking of tonight, I have my digital class.  We had to stop motion and blur something.  I couldn't for the life of me get a picture to blur.  Isn't that the way it goes.  When you don't want a picture to blur it does, but when you purposely try to you can't.  Stopping motion or what ever it is called.  I am not too sure I did it right, or even if I actually did it.

I don't really have much time to post what I have been thinking about today.  So I will leave that for another day.  I think about things when I am doing something with my hands, like washing dishes, vacuuming, cutting out fabric, curling my hair, or just about anything.

Well I am off the finish making my dinner.

You all have a great rest of the day.

early morning...

I had a Tupperware party last night, I got some really neat stuff, I can't wait to get it.  One thing about having a party at your house, the house gets cleaned up. 

Talked to Jake yesterday, he is doing very well.  We could see him on the web cam.  He looked like he had lost some weight.  Which he did.  It is always so nice to be able to see him on that web cam.  I don't think he could see us as ours wasn't working on our end.  The connection was pretty poor on the phone line so we tried the web cam instead.

I am going to get busy doing some sewing today, after I go up to the office to do some work there.  This is really early for me to be posting.  I didn't go to sleep until about midnight last night.  I had made a salsa with avocado in it, and dummy me, I forgot all about not being able to eat avocado.  So I was up with a mega huge stomach ache.  Then the phone rang at 4:30 a.m., and I was up for the day.  I was up anyway before the phone rang, tossing and turning.  So at 4:45 a.m. I decided to get up.  I have lots to do this morning anyway, before Becky's Pre-Op physical at 9:30 a.m.  So I guess I better get moving.

You all have a great day today.

works for me wednesday...


This is my first time doing Works For Me Wednesday.  So here goes.

When cooking meatloaf, I always put my meatloaf on cooling racks set on a cookie sheet (with sides).  That way your meatloaf isn't sitting in it's drippings as it is cooking.  This keeps your meatloaf from getting too greasy.  I discovered this trick years ago from a Weight Watcher Leader, when I was really trying to get off all that extra baby weight, that never seemed to go away. This really helps save on the calories.   I don't find that this dries out the meatloaf either.  I add enough moisture when I make it.  My family loves it this way, and I have been making it for years that they really don't know any other way to eat meatloaf.

WFMW is held over at Rocks In My Dryer.

no more sewing blog...

You are probably wondering what is going on with my blog.  As some of you may know I have had a sewing blog.  I have closed that tonight.  I just can't keep up with having 2 blogs.  Hmm...I am guessing I have a lot going on with just this blog.  So I transferred all my postings from over there to here.  I will still be posting what I am sewing, and have sewed, but just here and not over at my sewing blog.

If anyone is interested in joining me in a Pay it Forward Challenge, just check out the post below.  I thought it sounded like fun and you don't have to make anything big, but it does have to be handmade.  I am guessing it could be anything.  So if you are interested the first three people to comment on that post enters, but you have to promise to post it, and do it on your blog, as well as promise to send a handmade item to the three that commented on your blog.  You have 365 days to do it in.  So come on and give it a whirl.  The person commenting has to have a blog.

Pay It Forward Challange...

I am doing a Pay It Forward Challenge. The first three people that leave a comment on my blog requesting to join, I will send a handmade gift to you.

Who knows what it may be, you won't know until it comes in the mail. I can't say when you'll get it, but you will get it, I have a year to do it. Most likely you will get it way before the year is up. That is my promise to you.

The only thing you have to do in order to enter, is to promise to Pay It Forward on your blog and to promise to send a handmade gift to the three that enter.

no sugar added...

Yesterday I made a batch of bread machine rolls for dinner.  I just couldn't have a ham dinner without them.  I put the recipe in the post below, so enjoy if you don't have the recipe.  It is very easy and they are so good.  I have seen this recipe for Challah on Niki's blog and am anxious to try it.  There isn't a lot of sugar in it.  RM has a very hard time with sugar, his body can't handle it.  He doesn't have diabetes, but with his dad having it and his maternal grandfather having it, and sugar affecting him when he eats it, he is just better off cutting it out of his system before it turns into diabetes.  I don't need it either, with my dad and paternal grandmother having diabetes too.  If we can change our eating habits now maybe we both can cut diabetes off at the path, so to speak.  This Challah recipe I want to try, it looks a lot like Nisu.

RM went to sauna club last night, it wasn't at our house, so I did some crocheting and just had a quiet night.  Seems like I don't have too many nights that there is nothing going on.  So I'll take them when I can.

Fifteen more days until Becky's jaw surgery.  Now is the count down.  Pre-op doctors appointments etc., all getting ready for her surgery, in the upcoming 2 weeks.  I am glad it didn't end up being this week for her surgery.  She wouldn't have had a very good Thanksgiving, with not being able to eat.  Sue is having surgery too, but on her shoulder.  Both these ladies need your prayers, so that when everything is all done, they will be better than before.

I better be going, with the banks and post office being closed yesterday, I have lots to do.

You all have a great day today.