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national tie one on day...

i love these bowls...


These are a few of the new Tupperware bowls, that have entered into my kitchen.  I got these at a party I went to.  I love these bowls.  I have had Tupperware on and off over the years, but these things are staying.  They are the perfect size for everything.  The best part, is that these guys stack inside of each other.  I just love when I can use anyone of them.  It's not too often that a set of Tupperware bowls will make my day.

Man, do I need to get a life or what?

Life does go on here past Tupperware,

cleaning house,

getting things ready for company,

making my fixings for my Thanksgiving dinner,

the list goes on, and on.

I am going to try something new this year, and I saw it over at Angry Chicken.  I have heard about doing this before, but never have done it.  I have apple pie on my menu, and I plan to make it, and then freeze it, then I'll bake it on Thursday morning.  I'll let you know how it turned out.

You all have a great day.