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Have you ever thought about this, instead of giving a gift that you buy, you give a gift of your time?  This is another idea in the Celebrate Simply Book.  Your time is a valuable commodity to you, so to sacrifice your time to someone makes that gift much more meaningful.  One has to be creative with a gift of time.  You can't duplicate gifts of time, unlike store bought gifts, and giving a person a gift of your time shows that you are sensitive and practical to the persons needs.

If you really think hard about it, one can come up with many ideas, from doing the persons yard work, to doing their laundry, cleaning their house, clean their carpets, make a special meal for them including setting the table.  The list can go on and on.

How do you wrap the gift of time?  You want it to look special and not just like you threw it all together because you couldn't think of anything to give them. 

  • Create a homemade gift certificate for the service or labor you plan to give. Creatively wrap it in a box or put it in fancy stationary
  • Give a small visual representation of your gift, like a new feather duster if your gift is cleaning their house, with an IOU wrapped with it.
  • Create a mock menu, if the gift is a meal.

Again the list can go on and on, with how to present the gift.  Just be creative.  I just love this idea.  I hope you enjoyed it too.

Lots to do today, yesterday was very busy for me, trying to get things done.  Today I have office work and I want to do some more sewing.  So off I go.

You all have a great day.