menu plan monday...
bread machine rolls...

beginning of a new week...

I had a very nice weekend.  I got a lot accomplished.  My Christmas shopping is more than half done.  I know what I am getting the girls and the boys I can narrow that down pretty fast.  With the help from RM.

My day today is pretty busy.  I have to go to the chiropractor, do some office work and probably run errands for that.  Do a bit of sewing, and finish up on that last little gift I am doing, to put in the stocking that I am making for the stocking swap I am in.

I am sure you have noticed that I am doing Menu Plan Monday.  You get some great ideas from other blogs.  Some put recipes with their menus and some don't.  I like it that you can just get some ideas.  I have been checking this out for a bit now, but now I have decided to join.

I sure hope your days are good coming into the Thanksgiving holiday.  Are you ready?  I am going to make my rolls this Saturday.  I have my turkey bought.  I just hope that I allow enough time to let it thaw.  I always have trouble with that.  So then I am at the sink running cold water in the cavity of the turkey to help the thawing process Thanksgiving morning.  I go by what all the directions say but it isn't long enough, maybe I need to add more time.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have to run.

You all have a great day.