poinsettia napkin holder...
shepherds pie...

apron swap...


Here is the apron that I received today from my Apron Swap partner Jennie, who is from Australia.  She also hand sewed Merry Christmas on the front.  Thanks Jennie it is sooo cute.



Oops...sorry Jennie, I was so excited about the apron, that I didn't look in the bottom of the envelope that the apron came in.  Inside I found a 2008 calender, which I use always in my purse and haven't bought my 2008 yet.  Now I don't have to, and a mini bag charm that will go on my satchel bag.  Thank you I love the gifts.


This is the one I sent Jennie.  The apron swap was held over at Rhonda's Down-To-Earth Blog.  This was really fun to do.  I plan to do it again, if there is another one sometime.  I not only got a new apron, I found a new friend, a pen pal, or maybe I should call it a cyber pal.