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you can take the man out of the carpenter, but you can't take the carpenter out of the man...

Yesterday, RM went to his brothers to help them with the cement work on the new garage that they are building.


Here RM is doing the finishing work.  When I saw this, it brought back memories of when RM used to do this kind of work for a living.  I remember our oldest son used to tell his dad that he is going to be a "Carpender" just like him when he gets big.


RM is really patient with this kind of work, he likes to get it just right.


Just hanging around now that the "grunt" work is done.  Getting the cement all in place, you need more than one guy to do it.


Watching and waiting until the cement sets up, to finish it off with the power trowel. 


I didn't stay around to take any more pictures, I had to go grocery shopping.  They really had a good day to pour cement.  It got pretty hot in the afternoon though.