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a chapter closes...

Now the cares of day are ended, Evening brings my soul release; And the child of God had entered Everlasting rest and peace.

To a blessed sleep he calls me, Weary and tormented one; When earth's bosom then receives me, And death's vic'try I have won.

Hard is not the earthly hollow where they gently lower me; Nor the grave too close and narrow Into which they cover me.

Tho' the earthly storms are raging, They cannot disturb my rest; Oh how sweet is my reposing In this chamber for the blest.

When eternal dawn is breaking, When the day of God is here, And I hear my Jesus calling, From my grave I shall appear.

From the silence of that chamber God will summon me that day: Raising me to life eternal, In my heavenly home to stay.

All my loved ones, in Thy keeping, At my grave, dear Lord, I leave; Then one day in heaven our meeting Oh how joyous it will be!


At Song Services Saturday night we sang this song.  As we were singing this song I thought of a man from church (not from my particular congregation), but who had passed away and his funeral was the day before.  This man was a minister, and as a child growing up this man would come from another state to hold church services once a month, because we had lost our minister during troubling times.  Well before my time, this man would serve our church, coming to teach confirmation, and doing baptisms when he was in the area.  He also translated our Constitution and By-Laws from Finnish to English in 1950.  This man in many ways was a big part of this congregation in years past.  Even through the years, as he grew older, and we were no longer in need of a minister, as we found one in our own flock, this man was in some ways a patriarch, of this my home congregation, even tho this was not considered home to him.  He was a very important part of our adolescent years, RM' s and mine, and with his passing I feel sadness, that even tho he hasn't been here in many years, a chapter closes, and I am blessed to have been a part of that chapter.