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the winner is...




Donna is the winner.



You get this apron and a couple of odds and ends that I have selected for you, and those proceeds go towards the Bre*st Cancer Research Foundation and the Y-ME National Bre*st Cancer Organization.  I will get it to you. 

Congratulations on your winning.

I hope that you enjoy your gifts, and thanks for participating.

the drawing has come to a close...

The Bre*st Cancer Awareness drawing has come to a close.  It was fun and I hope that you all got something from my daily myths.

Now to answer some questions.


Does a question count as a comment? What age should women have their first breast exam?

Posted by: Donna K

No Donna, they are just uncomfortable.


Julie H

I love October! Both because it's fall and because it's Breast Cancer awareness month. Although, I'm not very good about bringing attention to it, it's something that's close to home for me (and so many of us). {My Grandma H. had it.}

Kelly C.

Posted by: kelly

I am getting hungry too, and I am glad that I am not the only one who loves hospital food, I thought I was the only one who did.  Oh you have to take that trip it is wonderful, and her shop is awesome.



This is great that you're doing this to raise awareness. I see you're reading At Home in Mitford--I just finished it a couple days ago!

Carrie A.

Breast cancer hits home for us..........both Grandma's had it. Thank goodness to today's technology it can be so much more curable now a days. Salutes & prayers to all the women out there with it, may they always have great courage to fight it and survive!!!!!!!! We will always be behind them for support.

I like checking in to see what you and your family are up to. It's always something interesting! I like the recipes too. I am getting closer to looking into making my own bread, as I need to be concerned about diabetes too.

Colleen F

Don't know if you had the drawing yet.
I finally found a doctor for myself in this area ~ it was tough ~ and it took me a couple of days. I've had the same ob/gyn for 25 years.

I had quit for a week, but I had a weak moment last night. heh.

And don't pick me, I'd feel guilty having gotten such a beautiful apron already - I just had to add my name to the comments :)

thanks again!!!!

Hi! I don't even know if you know who I am, but I have a blog link on Jennifer's. I'm a Yooper and I am Elaine's age...I don't know if she remembers me at all though! :) Anyway, just thought I'd post. I love your blog! It is organized so it easier on typepad?
Just thought I'd drop a hello! :)

What a late start it is for me this morning.  I could have just slept and slept.  Maybe it is the weather or maybe I am just plumb tuckered out. 

Birthday coffee was last night.  I didn't take any good pictures so I am not going to post any.  The group picture of the birthday people, no one is looking at the camera so if I posted that one I would have a few people mad at me.  They were not flattering.  So lets just say the birthday coffee went well.

Today we are down to the very last few hours of the drawing, less than 4 hours to go.  Good luck to all who have entered.  I will close the drawing at 12:00 (Noon) my time (central time), and shortly there after I will pick and post the winner.

Not much going on today.  I do plan to do some sewing on a coat I want to make.  For some reason I am having a hard time cutting it out.  I think I am nervous about ruining it and then where will I be.  This fabric is really not the kind you can make too many other things with.

Well right now today is kind of dull.  So I'll be off, but I'll be back later with the winner.

You all have a great day.

humbug bags...

Mini Humbug Bag w/clasp.
Here is one of the Humbug bags that I make, you can use these for anything. I make them in 4 different sizes. I use one to put my sewing needles and thread in when I go on a trip. It helps keep them all together and I don't lose anything.


sauna club...

This is the last full day for the drawing.  So come on you lurkers, I know you are out there, put your name on the post and give it a chance.

With that said...

Last night was Sauna Club.  A nice young man moved to our area for work from another congregation and wanted to start up Sauna Club.  It's for guys only, and they seemed to really have a lot of fun.  There was lots of food and lots of visiting going around.  I went into my sewing corner and hid.  I made an apron that I have had cut out for oh so long, I wondered if I would even get it done.  To see it you'll have to pop on over to my sewing blog.  I haven't posted it yet but it will be by this morning.  I am thinking that we should have Sauna Club here every week, then maybe I'll get more sewing done.

I have to add that the guys here for Sauna club ranged from retirement age, to young single guys in their middle 20's, to young married early 20's, and all the rest in between.



This is our sauna.  Our son Dan made this with the help from RM and some of his brothers.  He was a senior in High School when we did this project.  He was going to the local college for what is called Tech classes that the High School offers to the students.  It's part of the Building Trades.  This is when he realized that he wanted to be a carpenter.

Not much going on today.  I don't think I have too much office work to do, I did that yesterday.  The one thing I really need to do is grocery shop.  I should really try that grocery game that I saw on another blog.  I haven't looked at it yet.  Sometimes it seems like I spend too much money on nothing.

Today is a crisp fall day, 45 degrees out.  The sun is shinning bright and the sky is almost totally clear of clouds.  The clouds are there, but they are not thick and puffy, they are light and wispy.  If that makes any sense at all.


Yesterday I also made some pumpkin bread for Sauna Club.  This was wonderful and it wasn't from scratch.  It was from Tastefully Simple.  My aunt had a party a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't able to go but I ordered a few things.  RM who loves homemade bakery, loved this pumpkin bread.

Well I best be going I have posted long enough.

You all have a great day.

244 years ago, this man was born...

Last Thursday evening RM and I were visiting with friends and we started talking about how all the blogs were posting about ghost stories.  The discussion then turned to Graveyards/Cemeteries.  We told them about the Cemetery that is in our area, that has a Civil War Soldier buried in it.  RM was told by his barber that there is actually a Revolutionary Soldier buried there.  RM of course thought that he must be mistaken, because a few months back when we went to look, we could only find the Civil War Veteran.  So after talking the other night, I thought that I would go and find this grave site and take some pictures.  On Saturday I went by myself, RM was working in the garage on a wood project, so he didn't want to go with me.  When I got there I wasn't really sure where to begin, so I just went to the area that I knew had the older stones.  Lo and behold, I found the Revolutionary Soldier.  I can't figure out how we missed it before.  Of course I couldn't find the Civil War Soldier. (I'll have to leave that for another time.)  When I got home and told RM what I found, we were both really fascinated that there is some kind of history that dates back to George Washington, right in our own backyard.

When I was looking around the cemetery, I was a bit jumpy, especially being there by myself.  After I was there a while, I felt a peace come over me.  I started looking, really looking at all the stones and the names on them.  I saw how some of the stone were in disrepair.  Some of them, the names were worn so bad that you couldn't even read them.  A few were toppled over and some were broken in half, that who ever took care of them just put the halves side by side.  This is not from neglect, it's from the fact that these stones are so old.  The newer stones are in great shape, this is a small cemetery that is taken care of.  This cemetery was founded 159 years ago, so I am even surprised that we could even read some of them.

I know Yvonne is doing a graveyard photo essay.  So I thought that I would share this with you.




HENRY COLLINS - was born in Massachusetts. He enlisted March 3, 1781, in Southboro for three years under Capt. Isaac Newton. He came to Lake county, IL, and died at Newport in 1847, aged 84 years. He is buried in Mt. Rest Cemetery in Rosecrans township. (source: "Illinois Revolutionary War Veteran Burials", 1917 and "Genealogical Records", Illinois Society DAR, 1939, compiled by Mrs. Edward J. Filbey)

a chapter closes...

Now the cares of day are ended, Evening brings my soul release; And the child of God had entered Everlasting rest and peace.

To a blessed sleep he calls me, Weary and tormented one; When earth's bosom then receives me, And death's vic'try I have won.

Hard is not the earthly hollow where they gently lower me; Nor the grave too close and narrow Into which they cover me.

Tho' the earthly storms are raging, They cannot disturb my rest; Oh how sweet is my reposing In this chamber for the blest.

When eternal dawn is breaking, When the day of God is here, And I hear my Jesus calling, From my grave I shall appear.

From the silence of that chamber God will summon me that day: Raising me to life eternal, In my heavenly home to stay.

All my loved ones, in Thy keeping, At my grave, dear Lord, I leave; Then one day in heaven our meeting Oh how joyous it will be!


At Song Services Saturday night we sang this song.  As we were singing this song I thought of a man from church (not from my particular congregation), but who had passed away and his funeral was the day before.  This man was a minister, and as a child growing up this man would come from another state to hold church services once a month, because we had lost our minister during troubling times.  Well before my time, this man would serve our church, coming to teach confirmation, and doing baptisms when he was in the area.  He also translated our Constitution and By-Laws from Finnish to English in 1950.  This man in many ways was a big part of this congregation in years past.  Even through the years, as he grew older, and we were no longer in need of a minister, as we found one in our own flock, this man was in some ways a patriarch, of this my home congregation, even tho this was not considered home to him.  He was a very important part of our adolescent years, RM' s and mine, and with his passing I feel sadness, that even tho he hasn't been here in many years, a chapter closes, and I am blessed to have been a part of that chapter.