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Last Thursday evening RM and I were visiting with friends and we started talking about how all the blogs were posting about ghost stories.  The discussion then turned to Graveyards/Cemeteries.  We told them about the Cemetery that is in our area, that has a Civil War Soldier buried in it.  RM was told by his barber that there is actually a Revolutionary Soldier buried there.  RM of course thought that he must be mistaken, because a few months back when we went to look, we could only find the Civil War Veteran.  So after talking the other night, I thought that I would go and find this grave site and take some pictures.  On Saturday I went by myself, RM was working in the garage on a wood project, so he didn't want to go with me.  When I got there I wasn't really sure where to begin, so I just went to the area that I knew had the older stones.  Lo and behold, I found the Revolutionary Soldier.  I can't figure out how we missed it before.  Of course I couldn't find the Civil War Soldier. (I'll have to leave that for another time.)  When I got home and told RM what I found, we were both really fascinated that there is some kind of history that dates back to George Washington, right in our own backyard.

When I was looking around the cemetery, I was a bit jumpy, especially being there by myself.  After I was there a while, I felt a peace come over me.  I started looking, really looking at all the stones and the names on them.  I saw how some of the stone were in disrepair.  Some of them, the names were worn so bad that you couldn't even read them.  A few were toppled over and some were broken in half, that who ever took care of them just put the halves side by side.  This is not from neglect, it's from the fact that these stones are so old.  The newer stones are in great shape, this is a small cemetery that is taken care of.  This cemetery was founded 159 years ago, so I am even surprised that we could even read some of them.

I know Yvonne is doing a graveyard photo essay.  So I thought that I would share this with you.




HENRY COLLINS - was born in Massachusetts. He enlisted March 3, 1781, in Southboro for three years under Capt. Isaac Newton. He came to Lake county, IL, and died at Newport in 1847, aged 84 years. He is buried in Mt. Rest Cemetery in Rosecrans township. (source: "Illinois Revolutionary War Veteran Burials", 1917 and "Genealogical Records", Illinois Society DAR, 1939, compiled by Mrs. Edward J. Filbey)