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eyes feel like sandpaper...

Once again, I was up most of the night.  Getting woke up by our neighbors dogs.  Remember these guys?  The small black ones name is Lola, but for the life of me I can't remember the big ones name.  I do know it is a girl, so I will call her Big Bertha.  Well their owners left for Kansas, to see their daughter who is in college there.  They informed us that they would be leaving them outside.  Well gee thanks there.  When they are left outside with no one home, Lola and Big Bertha will bark all night long and they did.  Lola and Big Bertha were having a barking conversation with a neighboring dog.

Dan came home last night.  So good to see him.  The poor guys was hungry.  He left the cities after working construction all day and didn't stop to eat at all.  So I guess I would be hungry too.  He wanted to play Friday night hockey, and see us before we left.  Jason and Kate are heading here this weekend too.  Dan has not seen Olisa yet, and it's been about a year since he has seen Jason and Kate.  Seems like whenever Dan was in town Jason and Kate were gone somewhere, but they'll get to see each other this weekend.

I am just too pumped that I was able to Import all my info from Blogger to here.  Could you tell from that last post?  I knew where the instructions were that told me how to do it, but I'm not too familiar with computers (but I'm learning) and I was a bit nervous.  I didn't want to lose my old blog posts.  I have been wanting to do this ever since I made the switch.  So RM showed me how, (but I did it) to save my template files to the desk top.  The rest I did all on my own.  I am so proud of myself, that I didn't have to have only a small bit of help with it all.  At my age computers really are foreign to me.  I can handle programs, but all the other stuff you do with them, like I just did, no way, before it was get someone to help with all of it.  Now I think I can do other things.  It also said that I would have to upload all my images into TypePad, that it wouldn't do the images only the text, but when I went to see if everything imported, ta da, my pictures were there.  Now I feel like I have everything home, and all my past postings are not out there in limbo.

Well in a little bit I am off to have a nice weekend.  You all have a great day.  See you on Monday.

*I deleted my last post about the seagull, it just doesn't do it justice without the video clip, and I don't know how to do it so it stays.

these boots are made for walking...

I did it.  I finally figured out how to import all my stuff from my old blog.  So if you go to my old blog it won't be there anymore.  Jennifer, once I figured it out, it was pretty easy.  If you try to do it and you have trouble just e-mail me and I will help you.

I am walking on cloud nine right now. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that I was going to have to upload all my pictures from my old blog into TypePad, but it did it anyway.  I just couldn't believe it.  I can't tell you how happy I was to see the pic's.

RM and I went to Nashville, last October for our anniversary.  After visiting the Ryman Auditorium, we went and checked out the downtown area.  We went in this Western Apparel store, RM tried on a few cowboy hats (I could have a few days worth of posts just on his hats alone).  I was sort of eyeballing the cowboy cowgirl boots.  Never had a pair of cowgirl boots before.  RM encouraged me to try a pair on.  So I did.  They are pretty narrow, but that didn't matter as my feet are very narrow.  I really had to get a good grip on the boots to even get them on.  Once they were on, all I could see when I looked at my feet were these pointy things sticking out from my pant legs.  I did buy them and wore them the rest of the weekend.  You would not believe how comfortable they are to wear.  No wonder cowboys were them.  I couldn't wait until cooler weather came, to be able to wear them, as your feet sweat in them when it's hot out.  At least mine do. Plus they really don't look too good with capris or shorts.  I just could never imagine myself wearing a pair of cowgirl boots, not ever, but I do.  I never looked at myself as being the cowgirl type.  Maybe there's a bit of it in me.  Funny how that is, you think you would never do something, but when you try it, it is actually pretty nice. 


RM and I never went anywhere for a honeymoon.  At least not the kind of honeymoon like most people go on, like trips to Hawaii, Spain, Florida or the Caribbean, just to name a few places.  We just went for a night somewhere.  Then the kids came, so taking any trips by ourselves was out for awhile.  We kind of thought that for our 10th anniversary we would go somewhere, but we were so caught up in raising our kids that the 10 years came and went.  Now when it is easier to get away, we try to do something for our anniversary.  Which I actually enjoy now more than ever.  We don't go for long, just a long weekend or a short weekend.  If I could change not really having a honeymoon, I wouldn't.  Things are how they are for reasons.

This anniversary we are heading just for a night to a Bed & Breakfast.  I have never been to a B & B before, so I am really excited.  There are some attractions that I wanted to see near this B & B, so that is what we are going to do.  I guess good things come to those who wait.

You all have a great day.

where did the day go? put that coat on...

I am pure losing it again.  I thought all week that our Anniversary was Saturday.  It's not, it's Sunday.  I lost a day somewhere.  Oh well. 

I just love this Type Pad.  I can post things while I am in bed sleeping.  That last post I had set so that it would post at midnight.  That is so cool.  I can if I want, when I am going to be gone away from my computer, have it where I can have something post everyday that I am gone.  It is just a cool feature that TypePad now has.  I don't remember it before when I first started.

This morning is a whopping 49 degrees.  When I said it out loud, Lauren asked what was it I said.  I told her "Man it's 49 degrees outside this morning, I am glad we have heat".  She looked at me, and without saying a word, went upstairs to get a sweatshirt. If I were to have said "It's pretty chilly outside.  I think you need to put on a jacket, a hooded sweatshirt or something warmer.  You are going to freeze in the short sleeved shirt".  I would have had World War III on my hands.  So by not making a big deal out of what she wasn't wearing, was the trick.  I wish I had figured this out years before, it would have saved me a ton of arguments.  No one in this house likes to wear a coat.

When my parents lived in the U.P. we went up there for New Years.  We all jumped in a warm van that early morning.  Usually when we stopped at a wayside the boys would jump out without a coat on and run in to use the facilities.  So, we pull into my parents house, unpack, have a bite to eat.  Then the kids decide to go and play in the snow.  Well Philip, dear Philip, can't find his coat.  We look high and low for it.  Then I asked him.  "Phil, did you even bring a coat with you"?  He thinks for a minute and gets this weird smile on his face.  No he did not, he just jumped in the van and away we went.  So, Mr Philip has to borrow one from my dad.

Another time...Yes there is another time.  This time I am parked in the garage.  It's early morning and Erin and I were on our way to a volleyball tournament somewhere about 1 1/2 hours away.  This too is winter time, with temps being below zero.  Again we jump in a warm car that has been sitting in a warm garage all night.  Going down the road I realize Miss Erin doesn't have a winter coat on.  So I ask her if she brought a coat.  "No" she says "I don't need one, I have my warm up suit on and I am in a warm car".  Duh..."What happens if this warm car breaks down?  Or worse yet we get into an accident?  That warm up suit is not going to keep you warm".  Poor Erin got a lecture the whole way to the tournament, about why you always wear,or in her case bring a coat with you in the dead of winter when temps are reading negative.

I on the other hand bring a sweater or a jacket, almost every time I go anywhere.  Doesn't matter if it is Spring or Summer (the air conditioning in some stores & restaurants can be too cold), Fall or Winter (fall and winter is a given). You just never know when you might need it.

You all have a great day.

quite an imagination...

Cassidy and Hannah were over yesterday, while Elaine ran to Jared's school to help out.  While Hannah was napping Cassidy just played by herself.  I was doing something with her at the table, and I guess she had to do something else so she left, but told me she would be right back.  Funny, she never did come back. (LOL)  I guess she just wanted to be alone.  She went and played by herself on the window seat for quite awhile.


Here she is lining up the toys and moving pictures around.


Some more of the toys lined up.  They all have hats on, and it looks like they have places set for them to eat.  She has quite an imagination.  I love to see that.

enchilada dinner & changing of the weather...


The other night I made Enchiladas.  Yummy.  I got the recipe from our son Jason.  This is my version of it, so I am kind of just winging it with typing this recipe.  I just eyeballed the amounts, I really didn't measure anything out.


Flour tortillas  (I used the whole package)

28 oz. can of green chili sauce

1-4oz. can Green chili's

shredded mozzarella cheese (I shredded 2 lbs)

ground beef browned  (I used leftover Italian beef, that I had made for dinner on Sunday, it might have been about 2-3 lbs)

I mixed the meat, some of the cheese, and the can of green chili's together and spooned some of the mixture into each of the tortillas and I rolled them up and laid them in a 9x13 pan.  I then poured the 28 oz. can of the green chile sauce over the rolled up tortillas, I then put the rest of the cheese on the top.  I did cover it for about 20 min. and then I cooked it uncovered for another 10 min. in a 350 oven.


I took this picture yesterday when the rain storm came.  I messed with it some to bring out what I could see in the clouds, that really didn't show up when the picture was taken.


An abandoned Robins nest.  This is a sure sign that fall is here.  The nests are empty and the leaves are falling.

miles and miles...


This is how flat it is in our State to the west of us, and actually to the south too.  Nothing but fields. Just our little corner of the State is pretty populated.

We could see for miles and miles.  I took these pictures as the sun was going down.  You could see farms miles away.  No wonder when there is a snow storm that there is so much white out conditions and roads just drift over.  It is so open that the snow just blows.  I should know, I have driven twice out this way in snow storms and white outs, and both times by myself.  The snow will also drift so bad you wonder if you are going to make it through it.  The first time I just stayed out there, I was not going to try and venture home in what I had gone through.  So I stayed put.  The second time wasn't as bad, but still wasn't the greatest driving in.


catching up on each others lives...

Wow.  I am home alone, or will be when the girls leave for school.  RM and Josh left to go to some class down the line, a Cad class.  RM had taken this class a couple of years ago, but in Wisconsin, when he was converting to Cad.  He used to do all his drafting work on a drawing board by hand.  Now he is with the times.

I have not been in this house alone all day ever, since all the kids have started school.  RM has always worked out of our home, since he started his own business.  This is kind of a treat.  What will I do today?  I don't have a car, cause RM needed it to go to the class.  That's okay, I don't want to go anywhere.  If I did go somewhere, I wouldn't enjoy a quiet house.  I have lots of diet coke and a full fridge, what more could a girl ask for.

RM left some work for me to do.  I can clean up my work area.  Becky took my her desk with her when she went back to Minnesota yesterday.  Now I have to find another one in this house or go out and buy one.  I have 3 books now that I am starting to read.  I have never read more than 1 book at a time.  So this will be interesting.  One is a cookbook, I love to read and look at them.  I could sew some more of the place mats.  I have made a few sets already, they turned out very nice.

It also looks like rain today, what a better time to curl up and read a book.

Hmmm....the day is all mine.  I am getting just giddy typing about it. Hehe.

You all have a great day.  I know I will.



Usually twice a year, I meet with 2 very dear friends the I have gotten to know.  We used to work in the same department at the local hospital.  They are mammography/x-ray techs, and I was the unit secretary for the mammography department.  We are all about 10 years apart, with me being the youngest.  We three, have formed a bond that I can't explain.  We no longer work with each other.  Mary (far left) moved and lives 2 hours away and Sue (in the middle) lives about 15 minutes from me, is semi-retired.  So we meet in the middle.  Sue and I drive 45 min. to an hour and Mary drives the same.  We meet in a small town for either lunch or breakfast, and catch up on each others lives.

happy birthday Becca - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I've been pretty busy today.  I've been gone all morning and then babysat for Aubrey this afternoon.

*****For clarification on a few posts down.  It wasn't really a guessing thing, we had an overnight guest.  Drew's brother Jordan came into town and was here for the weekend.  He is a Ranger with the United States Army.


This cow is on our way to Jason and Kate's.  The cow used to be in the middle of the intersection when I was a kid, and at some point they moved it.  It is still located at the same intersection, but just at one of the corners, this is a 5-way intersection.  We were bringing a car out to Jason's, because one of their cars is going to be fixed.  I was going to stop, but there is no place to, so I just stopped in the middle of the road and took a quick picture.

i kind of like these guys...


This here is the Ranger that was in our house over the weekend.  A United States Ranger with the United States Army.

A Ranger.  There's a Ranger in our house.

Remember when I was kind of complaining about these guys?  Not really complaining, just saying how they can be a nuisance.  Funny how things change.  Whenever I am coming home from somewhere, I am always looking to see where they are at.  Not to get them out of the yard, just seeing where they are at, or I will look out the window if I hear them.  They are kind of growing on me.Dsc_0003 

They seem to like it under my bird houses and bird feeders.  The birds are pretty messy, so I am sure they are finding bird seed everywhere in the yard.  They get a feast when they come to my yard.