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The Vest is Done

This is the vest that is part of the 3 piece ensemble along with this brown skirt. I have yet to make the blouse. I will start on that next week. The vest buckle I found in my button tin that my mom gave me which actually came from my grandmothers button stash. My grandmother never threw a garment away until she cut off all the buttons and buckles.

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Remember Me

I got this video clip from Alena and I felt all the things she said would happen watching this video. Here it is titled RememberMe by Lizzie Palmer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you Alena for sending it to me. It is kind of ironic that Jake called today. It is always nice to hear his voice. He is doing really well. I know that I always say that but he is. That is pretty much all I can say on my blog. So enjoy the video clip. The one thing that I did strongly feel the most of was Proud. Proud of all the men and women that are serving our country.


Twinkling Tuesday

It is a much better day today. I sewed some yesterday. I was having trouble figuring out a pattern that I had gotten from my ASG meeting. The instructions are not that good and I wanted to line this project but I can't with out putting a seam at the top. I don't want to do that. But I did figure the pattern out and it turned out really nice. Becky did some baking from My Little House Cookbook. She loves to bake. These little things are delicious. Can't stop eating them. Went and registered the girls for High School. I can't believe that is starting already. I went grocery shopping which I don't like going by my self. I even got up in the office for a few minutes. Our son Josh is back. Yeah!!! Maybe now the boss can work a bit less now. He could use a few more guys working for him at times. Not too much to do today. Just getting ready for our trip to Minnesota again. We had planned on having a "Jim & Judy family reunion" way back when Carri and Bill were almost done with their house. Our first thought was all of us just camp at their place. The kids picked the weekend of Aug. 3-5 because it was the only one we could do with most everyone being able to go. With school starting and vacations already set for some. Jim and I were going to go on a boating trip with some friends that same weekend but had to choose what to do. Of course we chose going to be with our children and their families. It seems like lately we will have plans to do something with friends and then we have to back out because something is happening that same weekend with our children. I do cherish our friends but I guess when having to choose my family will always win out. So on that note I will bid you good bye and get my day going. You all have a great day.

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This is what I found

This is what I found on my pillow when I came back from working out. I didn't see them right away. They are from my DH. I guess he knows me pretty well. I cried when I saw them. My spirits have just been lifted up. Now do you see why I call him "Mr Wonderful".

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Good Morning

Today is a beautiful Monday morning. So much to do today. Yesterday was...I don't know what kind of a day it was. I felt like I was in a funk all day actually the whole weekend. Not sure why I felt like that. For one thing I have realized that I have cooked a meal for what almost 29 years. Give or take some nights when we ordered out or went out for dinner. Maybe that is why I felt so depressed. I have run out of ideas. I am so used to making big quantities that I am having a really really hard time scaling down. Now I just have lost any ideas for dinner. Half the time I have no idea how many people will be home for dinner. The other day when I went to the farmer market I bought corn. At first I told her a dozen ears. Then I thought about it and wondered who will be eating all those ears of corn. May be only Jim and I. So I cut back to 6 ears of corn. Much better~~~Well 5 people were at the table for dinner that night. We all get one ear of corn but who gets that last ear? It turned out just fine. Jim wanted more garden green beans and I and the girls didn't want it. The corn was good mind you, we were just full. So our young strong working man asked for it. Which was good because his appetite has increased immensely since he started working for a living and he could use a few extra pounds. So until I figure meals out I have a feeling I will be struggling with it all. I hope not though and I hope today will be better. Seems like it will be the sun is shinning. I gotta run lots to do today and Today is my work-out day.~You all have a great day.

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Vest is Almost Done

I started on the vest I was planning to make for my ASG meeting. It is all going good. I have never made anything lined before so that was fun. I want to finish it this week and start on the blouse that will go with it. I have to smock the cuffs on the blouse. That shouldn't take me too long. Boy do I ever put things off to the last minute. But I guess I work good under pressure. We are leaving Friday for Minnesota to have a family reunion with just our children. Not all of our children will be there. Our one son is in the Army and is deployed right now. His wife is not able to come either. Our other married son wont be able to take the time off. But all in all we will still have a crew there. So I want to get as much done before we leave. I'm not too sure that will happen but we'll see.

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Bringing in the Sheaves

At the fair the other night we saw the grain sheaves hanging on the wall that were entered. When I saw them I thought of the song Bringing in the Sheaves. When you looked at them they were really beautiful. The two on the left are oat sheaves and the 2 on the right are wheat sheaves. I searched and searched for some history about the sheaves but didn't have much luck. I did find one that had about bringing in the sheaves written in a Polish American Journal. I thought that it was interesting. I hope you enjoy it. You all have a great day.

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