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I have decided to update

I have decided to update my blog today as Jim and I are flying out tomorrow morning to see Jake and Jennie. We only plan to be gone for a few days. Flying sure beats driving down there for such a short visit and with gas prices now it actually may be cheaper to fly. Not sure how to pack though. I'm quite sure it is hot down there in the Carolina's, and space is limited as we don't check on a bag (not my choice). If we did I would bring everything with me just in case I would need it. But 9 times out of 10 I never use it. This picture is one of the types of planes that Jake jumps out of. The name of this plane is slipping my mind. When we were down there in March, we got to see a jump. We saw 3 passes (which if I get this right a pass is when the plane flies over and the guys and girls jump out of the plane). I wish that I had a picture to post that shows the parachutes opened up and opening up as they leave the plane, it is really neat. The sky is full of parachutes coming down from the sky


102 Posts

I just realized that I have made over 100 posts. I don't usually talk this much. Hope you all have been enjoying them. This has been lots of fun. Just an update. Jim is finally doing the last coat of lacquer on the table. I won't go and take a picture as you get fumed out of the garage too fast. When the table is dry he'll wait about 3 weeks then he'll polish the table (what ever that is, I haven't' seen that done yet). So the table delivery wont be until late June or July. Sorry Bill and Carri you'll have to wait a bit longer yet.

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Beautiful spring day. Cool breeze

Beautiful spring day. Cool breeze coming in the windows. It's not too hot out yet when watering the flowers and garden. I have two hanging baskets that dry out so fast. I have looked and looked for something the put them in, but that I can still hang. So I duct taped the bottom of them so that the water will not just run out but will stay in the soil longer. I can water them in the morning cause they are on the west side of the house on my front porch. I figure the day is still cooler there in the mornings. But by noon and the sun is still not quite there yet they are just about dry as a bone. I almost lost the one I bought the other day because I didn't water it 1 day. I'm afraid when we go away this weekend I'll come home and they'll be dead. I've left instructions with kids before and I still loose plants. We even lost a tree we planted, a blue spruce. Kids and plants in our house don't mix. But how do you loose a tree that gets planted and you tell them please run the hose for 'X' amount of minutes. Do they forget? Maybe. I wonder who I can get to plant sit for me? Hmmmmmm Donna? No I'm just kidding. Got me a permanent last night. I really like it. My hair just goes limp and I mean limp in humid hot weather. I can leave it curly or blow dry it straight. I just needed some body. My hair dresser Judy, said not to wet it too much today, just to wet my fingers and run it through my hair to take the bed head out and it curled right up. She styled my hair straight and it was cute, fuller and with lots of body. Today I left it curly. Summer hot humid weather here I come. No more fine limp droopy hair. YEAH!!!!!!!!


I was just thinking as

I was just thinking as I was folding clothes this afternoon that this is the greatest thing that Jim has made me. A laundry cart. He made the frame and I made the fabric. I no longer get a sore back when I stand at the counter in my laundry room and fold clothes. At the laundromat I always loved those carts that you put your clothes in when you take them out of the dryer, so I got this bright idea for Jim to make me one. Here it is, it even matches my purple laundry room.


Wow! I didn't even realize

Wow! I didn't even realize how late in the day it was and I haven't entered a post yet. Crazy morning. I went to the club to work out and boy was it a work out. I could tell that I haven't been in a while. Jim and I did run last week. But I sure felt it today. It is really warm out today. I walked in the club and about froze my fanny off. They had it soooo cold in there. At the end of my work out I figured out why it was so cold it was feeling great and I was glad that the temp was where it was at. Yesterday I heard the neighbor yelling for someone or something to get out of the pool. As I drove by I could see it was a something. This duck was just floating around enjoying the water just fine. Not a care in the world. Hmmm I hope they don't invite me to enjoy their pool. I'm not fond of sharing pools with ducks. Not too sure number 4 daughter is pleased about getting out of bed today. Which was only about an hour ago. Which makes that 11:00 a.m.. I put her to work. Poor kid she wanted to go lay out. I told her she could after she did a few chores. Don't you just love summer vacation when they are all home?!


Table Is Almost Done

This is what the table top looked like before Jim started the stain and lacquer finish. Here he is applying the stain and lacquer. The last few coats are giving him a bit of trouble, so I haven't taken any pictures of that yet. It is drying too fast and the finish is not to his liking.



The Grandparents and their newest grandbaby.
Today I am tired. Yesterday was a busy day. The whole weekend was actually a busy time. With graduation, cook-outs, driving 1 1/2-2 hours yesterday to Jason's, planting in the garden and lots of other little things in between. I just can't seem to open my eyes this morning. Maybe I need a cup of coffee. I finally got my plants in the ground. It has been raining and it has been too wet to get in there. It's not a really big garden just enough for us and my dad likes tomatoes, cucumbers, onions. I've had one since my parents moved back here from the U.P. a couple of years ago. It gives him something to do. He'll come and water the garden, or just check it out from time to time. I don't mind doing most of the work. I enjoy it in fact. I think Jim and I need a vacation. Not just any vacation, a vacation where there are no phones (so nobody can call him about work) no car (so we have to stay put) Maybe just be alone with nature. A cabin in the woods where we have to haul all our food in and have to stay there until someone comes and gets us when our vacation is over. Where we can go fishing. It doesn't have to have electricity, we can have candles for light, wood stove for heat and cooking food or a fireplace. I'm not picky. The kids can come too, the ones that live at home, but I highly doubt that this is the kind of vacation they would want to go on. I know there must be places like this. Right now it all sounds so heavenly. Or another place that sounds great is being in a lighthouse. Some place where there is no one else around, similar situation where no phones, no car, electricity I'll take with a lighthouse. Where you wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, you can sit on the beach and watch ships go by.