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Monday another sunny day

Wow today seems to be in the makings of another beautiful day. I am just so excited about that, as this winter really tested my patience for the first time ever. I really, really envied George and Sharon for being in a place where the temperature was over 50 degrees. So whenever the sun is shinning, to me that calls for happiness and a smile on your face. At least my face will have a smile on it............Today is also my brother Duane's birthday. He is 50......... Happy 50th Birthday Duane.

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Beautiful Sunny Sunday

Today is a beautiful sunny day. Jim and I are taking the boat out for the first time this year. Jim has no more young boys at home that jump at the chance to go fishing anymore. So I am going to take their place. I actually am looking forward to filling their shoes. I hope that I can fill those shoes well and be as good as a shipmate as they were. Talked to Jake today. He and Jennie are in Myrtle Beach. He is on leave right now so they are taking a little R&R. Sounds wonderful......................Dan left this afternoon. Always sad to see them go. But can't hold on to them forever. Jim and I started out to go fishing out of the Waukegan Harbor, but the boat motor went out on us just as we were leaving the dock. The wind pushed us over to the pier so Jim climbed up on the pier and pulled us to shore, and I stayed on the boat to stop us from crashing into the pier. Somehow we managed to get to the dock and a very nice man helped us pull the boat over one more dock to higher water. I am just glad that the motor went out where it did and not 2 miles out where we were planning to go. Planned on having fish for dinner tonight but we'll have to try another time.


Up with the birds.

Today I am up with the birds. The sun is up and as bright as ever. Today looks to be a great day. I started all over with my blog. I'm not sure what I am doing, but with time I'll figure it out. I did figure out how to add photos though. I plan to have lots of fun with this blog. So I hope you enjoy checking this out as much as I have been enjoying putting it together. Now why did I choose such a title? Well right now I am in what I call mid-life. One thing that I have noticed right now is, I'm almost too young for the retirees and too old for all the newly married and younger parents soooooooooooooo. That leaves me in the mid-life category. Which don't get me wrong............I LOVE!!! Life just couldn't be better. I just figure that I am at a new path in life. My youngest child is going to be 14. Wow! Did I say 14? No more diapers, middle of the night feedings etc. (but I do miss all that just don't tell anyone). But life does move on and I had my share of babies, 11 of them to be exact. I always thought that the peace and quiet would never come but now that it is here.....It takes some time getting used to. But not that much time.