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I’m Judy, the owner of this blog.

I’m a wife, mom, grandma, of Sami/Finnish descent. I live up on a ridge in the Ocooch Mountains in Southwest Wisconsin also known as the Driftless Area, and this blog is about my life.

I started blogging in April 2007 and so much has changed in these past years, not only with my blog, but with my life.

My husband and I moved to Southwest Wisconsin in August of 2010 from Northeast Illinois to homestead on our 20 acres.
I turned 50 in 2011 and I'm counting on my 50's to be amazing!

I blog about my life, with lots more photos and a lot less words than I used to. I love to take pictures; my camera a Nikon D3400, goes with me whenever I walk out the door, well almost always, and I take pictures with my cell phone as well. I also blog about my knitting, cooking, baking, family, and our life here on Gentle Hearth Farm, as we call our little piece of the world.
We make maple syrup from the maple trees on our land, it's fun and delicious, we garden and raise chickens.

I thank you for stopping by, and please leave a comment so that I know that you did.