The four Seasons

yesterday it rained

Rain guage

And today it snowed, not really sure how I feel about that.

April snow

April snow on ridge

Lots to do today.

Bring the van in this morning to get repaired.  I got rear-ended a couple of weeks ago and now my van is getting fixed...Yay!!

Stopping for breakfast on the way home from town.  I always love doing that.

Getting ready for our daughter to come in a few days, she's on her way to Washington state where she'll be making her new home.  I can't wait, a new place to visit the kids.

I hope the roads are good to travel on, as all the schools are starting at 10:00 a.m. today.

We cleaned the yard up from the snowplowing Mr did.  A lot of gravel gets pushed into the yard and needs to be put back where it belongs, and that is in the driveway...and now it snows again.

Well, that's life in the Ocooch Mountains, one day it's spring, the next day winter.  So far we didn't have any flowers coming up, so those of you who do have spring in your area and are blogging about it, I'll just enjoy yours for the moment.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.



eta: Thanks for all the feedback from my table post.  I have decided to paint it.  I won't tell you the color, that will be for a later post :)


5 days

It's been five days since I've last posted.  I have been to Illinois twice to bring and pick Mr up from the airport.  He went to Georgia for a class on fly rod building.  I didn't want to be stuck for 8 days without a vehicle so I drove him to O'Hare airport stayed the night with our son and his family, went back home and puttered around, went to lunch with a friend, did some sewing, then at the end of the week I drove back to Illinois and stayed the night with my daughter and her family.  It was fun visiting with them both and seeing the grand-kids.

Looking out my kitchen window this morning, seeing Mr out on the tractor in -11 temps plowing the drive, it has been blowing and drifting here.

Out my window  Plowing

Plowing the drive

Blowing snow

On Sunday we spied an eagle sitting up in a tree on the other side of the hay field.  I'll have you know, I had just gotten out of the shower, I had a soaking wet head under my wool hat, we had strapped on the snowshoes and Mr and I trudged out across the deep snow covered hay field to try and get up close to it.  I was pumped to be able to get as close to it as we did.

High in tree_edited

Eagle 1-14

Then yesterday looking out the patio window I spied a red headed woodpecker at the feeder. This one hasn't been visiting for awhile but the blue jay sure has.  These were shot through the window.

Red headed

Blue jay

If you are having the cold temps, I hope you are all staying warm.


wisconsin winter

Looking out the window I see winter.  I see snow.  I see the birds eating at the feeders.  I see an occasional eagle flying high in the sky.

Looking out

Blowing and drifting snow here in Southwest Wisconsin can be a challenge when trying to drive in it.


And the few vehicles you will most likely pass on the road here in Southwest Wisconsin can also be a bit challenging.

Winter drive

Farm tractor

Milk truck

I'm not walking the beaches of Galveston Island this January, I'm walking the snow drifts of Southwest Wisconsin and that's okay, I love my life here in Southwest Wisconsin on the ridge in the Ocooch Mountains.


winter scenes


Down the road


Here are a few winter scenes from the neighborhood.

We are supposed to be getting cold weather in the next couple of days with temps dipping to anywhere between -23 to -26, I definitely won't be snowshoeing ;)

If you live in an area where the temps are dropping I hope you stay warm.


winter solstice

Also known as midwinter.  We spent a wonderful day outside burning the huge brush pile that has grown over the past couple of years.  It was the perfect day to do it, the trees were all covered in ice and the ground was covered in snow, so the chance of anything catching fire was pretty low.

Huge brush pile

Brush pile


Icy fire



Tending the fire

It's no wonder Sadie burnt one of her paws digging in the burn pile for mice.

Sadie digging

Hot fire

Looking around I spied the sauna and loved what I saw.


Mr and I took a drive on the RTV around our property.

The farm

The view

Barn and house

Heading to the fruit trees they looked so neat with the icy snow on them.  We had some freezing rain yesterday and this is what came from it.

Apple trees

Frosty leaves


Icy branch

Icy leaves

The look from the road.

From the road

What a wonderful way to spend the day.  I eventually went inside and finished up making my Christmas butter cookies with the last of the dough, and Mr headed to the barn to do some things that needed to get done and didn't since we had been sick, and now that we are feeling back to normal it's back at it for us.

I'm feeling really blessed this holiday season, after being so sick for a week I realize how fragile life really is and I'm going to enjoy each and every moment of my life.


the burlap bow

The flu we've been dealing with for the past week is still hanging on pretty tight.  If Mr is not better by Monday it's off to the doctors he goes, the cough just seems to be lingering on and on for him.  Now my mom's coughing but insists it her "allergies".  I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole.

I took a walk to put a letter in the mail box and I brought my camera along.  I didn't see anything along the way that looked appealing to take a photo of.  Everything was pretty boring to me.  The snow isn't deep enough to look nice and the trees are bare of any of the previous snowfall we had.  Then I spied the chair I had decorated with a burlap bow.  I was in JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago and a lady was buying some to re-do a chair with.  I decided to buy some myself to make a bow with it.  I only wish I had bought more of this stuff to decorate other things with.


Or maybe not, if I had, it probably would look like it was an invasion of the burlap bow around here.


making wood

Wood pile

Making wood


I've been seeing a few blog posts out there that have to do with snow.  We had a few flakes come down maybe a week ago but nothing to get excited about.  Mr has been making wood for the wood stove, sauna and maple sugaring.  We ran out of wood for sugaring this past year and don't plan on having that happen again. 

Fall 1

He's still not done and plans to head out to the woods again for a few hours today to get more.

We will be ready that's for sure.


lovely autumn

Now that autumn is here and the weather is cooler I like to pull out the needles.  Of course I usually have to find things to knit, but this year I seem to have a lot of things on the needles, just check out my side bar and see what I'm working on.

Orange yarn

The funnest thing I'm working on right now is a halloween costume for my sisters dog Cleo.  It is one of the cutest things I have knitted and I can't wait to show you when it's done.  I have to mail it to her and I'm hoping she'll take a picture of it on Cleo.

There was a slight frost on the ground this morning and the mornings are getting much colder that Mr has put the wood stove going the past couple of days.  Did I mention that I had been on a quilting retreat the past week? No? Oh, I'm sorry, I left last Sunday and came home on Thursday.  I had a lot of fun as always and did manage to get some sewing done, tho not finished but almost, just have to add a border or two.

Half done

Almost done

On the way I stopped to take a shot of the hills and the corn field.  I just thought it looked neat, tho anyone driving by would probably wonder what I was doing :)

Hills and corn

Things are progressing with the animals.  While I was gone I was told Sadie and Missy were acutally sleeping near each steps...that's what it's taking :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.