morning company

I thought I'd have my morning coffee with you today.  Come on in and sit by the wood stove to warm up and have a cup of coffee.


Mr is in his corner reading this morning.

Misters corner

Don't mind me that I have my feet up, I can still visit with you all.


I just love having company. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and definitely come again :)


It's been a few weeks since we had snow on the ground.  The little bit that we did get had melted away pretty fast.

Sauna in winter

Now we have been having rain, and lots of it.  So much that our county has been under a flood watch and river flood warnings.

Foggy morning

It's been so wet that my outdoor winter decorations that would look so nice with a bit of snow on them are soggy.


So here I sit, drinking coffee, looking out the window watching two squirrels chase each other through the tree tops as the rain falls. 

snow's a coming

I'm excited, our first snowfall of the year is predicted to come this weekend.  We have been having rain and because of that the sunsets have not been overly great, until now.  Last nights was pretty good and tonight's was equally as pretty.  It looked as if the hills were on fire.

Fire in the sky

It's been cooler and our wood-stove has been going for awhile now.  With the predicted snow, I made sure there was plenty of food, and Mr has the tractor all ready for snow plowing, there's plenty of wood in the fire box.  Hopefully the people in this house won't be let down because the snow missed us :(  That would just be a total shame.  I LOVE that first snowfall of the year.


Now to hunker down, because the snow's a coming. 

how i spent my day

Today was a good day for homemade chicken soup, so before I went to town I put a pot going on the wood stove.  Since moving here 5 years ago, the two quilt shops in town have closed up.  Today was the last day for the second one, and another quilt shop that is not in town but the next town over which is about 35 minutes away is closing too...sigh...this makes me so sad.

Chicken soup

Living in a log home my decorating style for the holidays has vastly changed.  Swags have gone up over the windows and doors around here.


I've been wanting a mantle by the wood-stove for a long time now.  Mr had gone to our neighbor who has a small saw mill on his property to ask for a  piece of wood, we wanted it to have some character to it and that went up today.


I've also been looking through Pinterest for ideas on burlap wreaths and how to make them.  I couldn't find narrow burlap to make a bow out of, so I just cut this red-polka-dot burlap in half and zig-zagged the edge so it wouldn't ravel any.

Wreath bow

I am so loving how it turned out.


I had a lot of fun making the wreath and now I have an idea for the old flyer sled we have and my old pair of figure skates.

so many blessings

I've started a few posts in the past couple of days and just have never gotten around to finish them up to post.  My grandma's quilt came out with me the other day for a photo shoot.


I went to Illinois for my mom's 81st birthday and spent the day there.  Heading out there was morning fog.  That was the least of my worries I had come to find out, losing two lug nuts on my rear tire almost spelled disaster, fortunately no one was hurt nor was my van damaged...whew!

Foggy morning

Ann from Welcome to the Garden Spot sent me some Lily bulbs after my dad passed away and they are growing beautifully.  I can't wait until they are blooming so I can show you them.


I'm reminded everyday of the many blessings that are in my life.


my little bistro

I've been wanting to utilize our front porch/deck more and by doing that I wanted a small bistro type table and chairs to put out there.  It's a smaller porch/deck and a bigger table wouldn't work quite as well.  I call this area the Bistro.

Even tho yesterday was on the cooler side the rains had stopped, so I thought we could eat outside for dinner, bruschetta was on the menu. 


My little bistro table is working out great for photo shots as well.  I've been knitting and crocheting up some dishcloths.  I found the patterns on Ravelry, the one on the right is called The Almost Lost Washcloth and the one on the left is Flower Power Dishcloth.  I worked on these while at my mom's last week.


I almost named this post "my happy place" because that is what I feel when I sit out there in my little bistro area..and that's HAPPY!



Cup and book

I'm trying to catch up on blog reading and I'm trying to get back into posting more on a regular basis.  Life is just so busy and I'm trying to slow down some, tho that is not always working for me :) 

I was reading a blog a while back and spied the title of a book in one of the photos that really caught my eye, Through the Kitchen Window by:Susan Hill.  I just had to get it and I was not disappointed when I received it in the mail.  It is just such a cute book with a few recipes in it.  Here is an excerpt from the book that I just loved.


Spring Cleaning

"On The first day of spring, whenever that may be, any day of March, April or May, the sky is swept clear of cloud and rain and winter murk, the morning sun shines in through the kitchen window, and there is a little warmth in it."

~ Susan Hill, Through the Kitchen Window


what's happening around here

It's a foggy this morning.  Drinking coffee and thinking about what my plans for the day will entail.  It's been busy around here, well, it's been busy for Mr trying to finish up getting ready for sugaring.  We put in 135 taps on the trees, Mr finished up the last few by himself.

Tapping trees
{cell phone photo}

I needed to grind some more flour, so while Mr was out in the sugar bush I was inside grinding flour to make my bread. :)

Grinding flour

Now we have to work on getting ready for the chicks to arrive.  I can't tell you how excited we are for that.


is fall in your air?

Potting bench

Mini midgets

New cloths

Shoe area_

The mums are ready at the local nursery and I just had to get a couple the other day.  I also had to grab the volunteer pumpkin that started growing in our compost pile.

Mr has planted melons in the past but just hasn't been able to get them to grow...until this year.  He planted a melon called the Minnesota Midget, and it's known to grow in the northern most climates.  It was delicious and I know this melon will be on his list to plant next year.

I did a little knitting this week, some new dish cloths that I need badly.  It sure feels good to have some new ones to use.

I've been doing some organizing here.  Between Mr and I we have a LOT of shoes and boots.  Mr has a pile of barn wood that he had gotten his hands on and I had him make me a shoe/boot shelf.  He designed it perfectly to sit over the boot tray that holds our snowy wet boots, and it's the right size so that my birch basket that holds all our winter hats, mittens and scarves fits right next to it.  That basket is very old, my great-grandfather made it for my grandmother to carry her laundry in from the clothesline.  I don't believe she ever really used it as the basket is pretty heavy and with wet clothes added I'm sure it was even heavier.  I inherited it from my mother many years ago and it sat in our attic, but when we moved here I wanted to display it somehow, and hats and mittens just ended up getting tossed in it and that's where it sits.

Fall just feels like it's in the air here, at least in the house it does.


bits and pieces

After a few days of very warm humid temps I woke this morning to much cooler weather.  I had a lot of energy to do some cleaning, it did feel good to be moving around and not sweating as I moved.

Here's the baby quilt I finished and gave to our newest grandson.  I made it with vintage style fabric, it was a lot of fun making this.

Baby quilt

Where do you put all your canning lids?  I have a lot of them and didn't know what to do with them so I kept them in a big bag.

When we started looking for a place here in Southwest Wisconsin, we went into an Amish home that was for sale and in the pantry the Amish wife had her canning rings hanging up like this.  So, whenever I go to get my canning rings for canning I always think of that young Amish wife who gave me the idea.

The pantry

Probably the hottest day of the summer and I canned 2 batches of tomato sauce, there is still more tomatoes out there that I need to can as well.

2014 tomato sauce

I love sitting in the evening by lamp light.  I guess with the month of August quickly coming to and end it's causing me to yearn for fall days, and my favorite time of year.


Mr called me down to his office earlier to show me what has been hanging outside his office door.

Walking stick2

The head

A walking stick, which I can't recall ever seeing before.

I thought I'd share with you a few bits and pieces of life here at Gentle Hearth Farm.