chickens 2016

today's the day

Today the meat birds arrive.  Mr is heading out right now to get them so it will be a busy 6-7 weeks with them here.

I thought I'd update you on the progress of my egg shell plantings.  These were taken a few days ago and since then a few more have popped out.  Now to get them transplanted into bigger containers, they are not ready to plant outside yet as we are still having very cool temps.



I received a package in the mail and showed Mr my new lens I bought.

Lens coffee cup

Totally faked him out :)  It's a coffee mug for traveling.  How cool it that eh?!  It's the perfect size for me and fits perfectly in the cup holder of his truck.

Lens cup

Did I fake you out on the lens coffee cup?

I'm off to get myself going so I can help with the chicks and take some pictures to show you their arrival.