the color is...
bighorn sheep

it came and went

Where did the summer go?  Labor day has come and it's almost gone.  School has started and the last of the hot weather seems to be leaving us.  We spent a quiet day today not doing much of anything, but yesterday we met some friends and went to The Fireside Theatre for dinner and a show.  The Pump Boys and Dinettes were performing their last show and it was very good.

Big bold meatball

Today, like I said was spent quietly.  I made Big and Bold Meatballs for dinner and it was very tasty.  I had made this before but I don't think I had posted about it.

Yellow sunflower

Pretty soon the sunflowers will be gone, they are the last of my flowers that are blooming.
Tonight I could hear the coyotes howling for the first time in a long time.  I turned off the A/C this morning and it sure felt nice to hear the outside again.