the badlands
berry eating

is fall in your air?

Potting bench

Mini midgets

New cloths

Shoe area_

The mums are ready at the local nursery and I just had to get a couple the other day.  I also had to grab the volunteer pumpkin that started growing in our compost pile.

Mr has planted melons in the past but just hasn't been able to get them to grow...until this year.  He planted a melon called the Minnesota Midget, and it's known to grow in the northern most climates.  It was delicious and I know this melon will be on his list to plant next year.

I did a little knitting this week, some new dish cloths that I need badly.  It sure feels good to have some new ones to use.

I've been doing some organizing here.  Between Mr and I we have a LOT of shoes and boots.  Mr has a pile of barn wood that he had gotten his hands on and I had him make me a shoe/boot shelf.  He designed it perfectly to sit over the boot tray that holds our snowy wet boots, and it's the right size so that my birch basket that holds all our winter hats, mittens and scarves fits right next to it.  That basket is very old, my great-grandfather made it for my grandmother to carry her laundry in from the clothesline.  I don't believe she ever really used it as the basket is pretty heavy and with wet clothes added I'm sure it was even heavier.  I inherited it from my mother many years ago and it sat in our attic, but when we moved here I wanted to display it somehow, and hats and mittens just ended up getting tossed in it and that's where it sits.

Fall just feels like it's in the air here, at least in the house it does.