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It would be neat to see what each of them came up with after using the same view. I like the little pile of rocks too.


Oh to have the talent to paint or draw the beauty of Nature, but sadly I don't have an artist's eye or the talent to go with it.


neat painters.


I love seeing others creating their masterpieces. It's wonderful to see how others see things. Enjoy the rain!


I love it when I stumble upon artist in the outdoors.


Friendly artists are much better than the other kind. You know, I have never successfully asked for permission to take anyone's photo? Everyone, across the board, has said no.


I can see your photo of the artists as a painting itself...


Riding lessons for the little girls today. And rain. The weather has been unseasonably cool . Rather nice. Have a good day.


Haha -- I don't remember seeing piled rocks here in the states -- maybe I just haven't been paying attention. I'm thinking it would be fun to take pictures of rock piles on travels -- they're the same all over LOL!

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