wonderful day
michigan blueberries

shells, wildflowers, veggies and trout...oh my

I love the beach and since I live in a log home I wanted to bring a bit of the beach into my home, so I have decorated our bathroom in a beach theme.  Shells we had gathered in Sanibel and Galveston.

Surf shelf

Walking around our property I picked some pretty wildflowers plus the wildflowers that I had planted last fall, and right now they sit on my kitchen table.


The weather has been just awesome the past few days, it's so awesome that even the hummers are getting along at the feeder.  Mr had done a lot of fishing over the weekend and there's nothing like fresh veggies from the garden and fresh fish.


Fish dinner for two

Life just keeps getting more awesome each day.  I'm not saying it's 100 percent perfect, I'm saying with a postitive attitude it can't be nothing but awesome!