naughty kitty
sugaring time


Lap quilt

Bread pan


Would you believe I went to Illinois again?  I did.  My daughter and her family moved into a new home so I went there over the weekend to help with the move.  Mr stayed to set taps for sugaring. 

Lap quilt made at the last quilt retreat all made from fabrics in my stash and it's perfect for in the car.

Mr got me a couple of new bread pans for Christmas and I'm so loving them, they make the best bread.

Mr sent me a text of our sign.  I was wanting to hang a couple of sap buckets around the yard and on our sign and this is what he surprised me with.  Don't worry about my barn quilt on the barn, it is just fine, the lighting just washed it out in the shot.

I've also been doing some spring cleaning around here, living in a log home makes dusting a huge chore, tho spring hasn't officially arrived, and with the temps we had yesterday you would think it did.