foggy day
whole wheat english muffins

wildcat mountain

We took a 2 1/2 mile hike in Wildcat Mountain State Park, where the elevation fluctuated up and down, it took us 1 hour 40 minutes to hike this trail which was called Old Settlers Trail.

It was a beautifully warm day.  We did bring our snowshoes but didn't need them and in places it would probably have been a bit dangerous to be wearing them so we kept them in the van.

Overlook view_

Frozen river


  Huge rock

  Checking the view

Checking out the rock wall

At the top

The rock was a bit frosted over but looked so cool up close.

Rock wall

  Big rock


This was another neat thing to see on our venture, it's called Ice Cave.

Ice cave

Ice cave collage

What an awesome day we had.  Now I'm going to probably sleep like a log tonight.  If you are ever in Southwest Wisconsin and love to hike you have to check the Wildcat Mountain State Park out.