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I'm enjoying watching your barn progress and while I've seen the haying eqpt in the fields, I've never caught a good glimpse of how they do what they do...I'm now much more knowledgeable! : )


glad you've got some young men to help with the barn! great idea and great resource! the pumpkin cheesecake looks yummy! used to have a friend that made it and boy, it was good!


Getting a lot done is what probably really floats your boat these days when such big projects loom. Oh, splendid idea hiring teens who are interested in building! I know someone who recently hired a teen to mow and rake by calling the high school and asking for a responsible young person. A lot going on for sure. I don't think that I've ever made chicken the old-fashioned way...just oven fried and that doesn't count!


Glad you were able to find the two boys eager to work and earn money. My mouth is watering for fried chicken. I haven't fixed it that way for years.


Yummy... pie looks so good!! Looks like fun making those hay bales:)

Lois Evensen

What a beautiful day on the farm! We have called the local high school to hire kids to help, too, and have always been very happy with the young people who want very much to learn and earn.


Glad to hear that you found some teens with experience to help construct the barn. It's the perfect solution for your husband and for them.

I love the smell of freshly cut alfalfa nearly as much as fried chicken. ;oD


What great progress on the barn! And how wonderful to find such eager helpers at their ages.

Fresh cut hay is the best smell to have in the air. :)


That Cheesecake looks amazing!

Anna-Karin Larsson

I am glad to find your interesting blog. I am very interested
in quilting and photo. I have once been in Wiscounsin 1979
I live in Sweden. Good luck with the barn.


This probably sounds crazy, but that clothesline full of clothing just makes me so envious. ha I've got the materials for a clothesline (and have had for years) but haven't gotten it up yet. Your photo makes me want to do that today.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


The hay looks great. Ours was cut and baled mid June before we went to Texas. We do the small bale. Love the smell of freshly cut hay. Yours look so cool out in the field. Lots going on for you. Love the clothesline photo.


Interesting to watch the barn be built...

I love driving a tractor, too!


Your rolled bales are beautiful. Such fun seeing the barn going up and great to have motivated workers to help with that. The pie has my mouth watering. Looks yummy.


Your barn is really coming along! I love quiet celebrations - yours looks wonderful!


You did get a lot done! I don't make fried chicken. I've never had good results, so if Hubby doesn't make it we buy it from the grocery store or a Fried Chicken establishment like BoJangles.

Glad those young, strapping, strong, high school men could help. Bet they love the college funds they are earning too!

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