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Coloring Outside the Lines

Nice shot- I love the aged wood on that barn.


Yay -- more sewing time for you! Beautiful picture of the barn!


Lovely door and glad to hear you're off the hook. ; )


Those pours are hard work...glad that you can watch, but don't get too close or you may be enlisted yet. We are entering a few days of rain and I already miss the sun,


i miss my barn cat. our mouse population has exploded this year that he's been gone.

yay for neighbors!


We are having the same weather here. I am so missing Mr. Sun.
Love the picture taken at Door County. I would love to get back there some day.
Have a good weekend.


love the Door County photo...just love old weathered buildings
or for that matter old weathered anything....my husband tells
me that's why I love him :>....no rain here or sun just what we
call 'June gloom' around here.....Yuck!

Candy C.

Love that picture! I would gladly trade you some of your rain for some of our over-abundant sunshine! ;)


Beautiful shot.


Weathered wood is beautiful, and your photo shows it well.

I hope the first cutting of alfalfa is put up without a hitch.

Barbara Neubeck

..Hello Judy...
I love the wooden barn photo.... the window boxes are beautiful.....
Hope all goes well with the pouring of the floor.....
Barb xx

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