weekend happenings

we've got company

Now that the weather has gotten nicer we've had lots of company stopping by.  The Baltimore Orioles (which I absolutely love seeing) have been here along with a few other birds.

Warning Picture Overload!


Indigo Bunting

At the feeder




Woodpecker and grosbeak

Red bird

Grosbeaks and cardinal

Watching them this morning the grosbeak and the cardinal started fighting.  Sorry the shots aren't that great, I was taking them through the glass door.  I can't figure out why they're fighting over the seeds, there's plenty on the ground from our night company that came and visited, Mr Raccoon came by and tried getting at the seeds but I had Mr put the hook on the feeder and now he can't get in it, only dig what he can from under the plastic sides.

Going at it


A grosbeak hit the patio door this morning, not to worry tho it was just stunned.  I slowly started to open the door and it flew away.  So far we've had about 4 birds hit the window and all have flown away.

Stunned grosbeak

Happy ending and a great start to the morning, along with getting my stove fixed this morning as well, the repairman was here bright and early and it's working great.

This is how I spent my morning...bird watching :)

Hope Y'All have a wonderful day today!