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How frustrating! Seems there is always an animal or two (or more) messing up a good thing for us. :)


Hopefully it works for you... although I would love seeing deer in my yard.... but I can see the frustration:)))

Seeing your yard makes me miss our little acreage a little bit!!!
Our next yard will be very small.


I miss having a garden. When I lived on the farm, I used railroad ties for my flower beds, too, as well as galvanized tubs and buckets.


oh, hope this works better for you!


I hope the deer will leave your strawberries alone. I've given up myself. I had strawberries for ages and mine are in a raised bed but it's such an old patch and in recent years seems to only be enough for the birds. I let them have at them. When I had more it was enough for me and the birds.


Oh... I wish you luck with this solving the deer issue for you. They just ruin everything. Have not noticed them close to our house at this location, but at our other house they came right up to the front porch and ate all my pretty flowers...

Pamela Graham

I would MOST definitely put a fence around the strawberries. They will eat them there too. I use Deer Netting and 8 foot tall posts and I have no problems. They don't bother my herbs though and they are not fenced. Hugs, Pamie G.


Oh I hope that you're right! It certainly is frustrating to have hard work be eaten up by the critters. I don't have a deer, but I do have a groundhog that I'd cheerfully dispatch.


I hope it works...deer can be really destructive.


Nice garden. I hope it survives.

Candy C.

Good plan! I hope being closer to the house helps to deter them!

Sherry Bennett

I don't mean to discourage you, but I have opened my front door on occasion and been eyeball to eyeball to deer, who stared back at me as if they were thinking, "What are YOU doing here?" The last two years my issues were slugs. They destroyed my impatiens even though I kept a constant supply of beer (in small round containers) around the plants. Yes, the neighbors laughed at me for walking out one early morning in my robe, a cup of coffee in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other!


Good luck. I certainly hope this works better for you. Yard work truly is work, but to me, it garners the most reward. Most of the time it is immediate.


Hi Judy, I hope you find my comment here at the bottom of the list. School is over now, so I can get back to blogging. I have missed several of your posts. I have been reading all along, but not taking tim to comment, so I don't know how I missed your fabulous bird photos. We have seem most of the birds in you pictures here at our feeders as they migrate through, but we do not have cardinals. I am jealous. I love the indigo bunting, which we see in the spring as it flies through. The rose breasted gross beck is very rare in these parts, but I have seen one at the feeder too. I get so excited to see new birds and generally it is only for a few seconds. Did you know that in Colorado rain barrels are illegal? Reasoning: Rain belongs to everyone, so we cannot collect rain. Dumb, huh? Hope you get your strawberries going again. Fortunately we do not have deer here.

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