king of the hill
the makings of the barn

i'm throwing in the towel

I'm done, I just can't keep up anymore, the deer and weeds have beat me and I'm throwing in the towel.  Last year the deer wrecked havoc on our strawberry patch, and heading out there this spring thinking about the weeds was just more than I could handle.  So what am doing, I'm throwing in the towel on our strawberry patch, and I'm starting fresh with a raised patch near the house.

Front garden

I put this one near the little herb garden I have going, I plan to put a few more raised strawberry beds around the yard, transplanting as many of the strawberry plants as I can.

Herb and berry garden

Maybe now the deer won't come and eat them since they're so close to the house and maybe just maybe I can keep up with the weeds.

Now I'm off to have another cup of coffee.  Y'All have a wonderful day today.