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up go the buckets!


Oh Syrup time sounds and looks like sweetness to me. Great shot. B

Lauren {Rustic Honey)

This is so neat! P.S. LOVE me some Muck boots, nice choice! :)


Love the picture... I was just thinking of you this am...and wondering if the sap had started to flow?..(Is that what it does:)

Cheryl @ TFD

Very nice shot! Looks like there are several buckets to be hung.


I'll bet it's yummy.


A picture is worth a thousand words - lovely!

EG CameraGirl , Canada

Wow! It's maple syrup time again!


Great shot. You did a good job of capturing the moment.


I like the thought of maple syrup and the theme- Keep warm and be happy Judy ~:)

Candy C.

Woo-hoo! Maple syrup season begins!! :)


Great picture! It looks like so much fun to make maple syrup.


Well, as you know, I love this picture! So crisp, so clear and it reminds me of being in the Sugar Woods.


Vee sent me here to read your post Judy after I asked about sap collecting!
A beautiful photo and words.
Thank you!
Nice to meet you and wishing you a very happy week.
Shane ♥


Sorry, me again Judy!
I meant to tell you the reason I'm so ignorant about sap collecting is because I am a New Zealander and we don't have this type of maple tree here!
I'm joining your blog as we have the same interests, so see you again soon!


What a fantastic photo! Love this!!

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