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who's cold?

I am, I am.  We had -11 this morning, and I'm sure down in the valley it was a few degrees colder than that.  Since I still have photos from our Texas trip and it was warmer down there than up here, I'd thought that I'd warm myself up.

We filled the coffee cups up and headed out the door and took a road trip.  We headed back to the free ferry, but this time we took our van.  I just love my pink coffee mug.

Coffee cups

I did mange to get Jim to crack a small smile as I was taking his picture.


I don't always get in the photos I take so I decided to smile for one.


They get pretty serious about line cutting.  It was a good thing that there was no-one else in line as we were heading to the ferry.

Warning sign

Ferry boat

Driving on the ferry

Again the birds flew around the back of the boat as we were leaving the dock.

Flag and birds

Big boat


One of the first things I saw when we got off the ferry was a light house.  On my bucket list of things to do is tour light houses up and down the East and the West coasts.

Light house

We stopped a couple of times but I'll post about those separately.  I don't want to overload you with too many photos.

Well, I'm a lot warmer now, I hope you are too :)