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it warmed me tonight, and i'm still in texas. :)


Yes. It worked like a charm! Something about seeing palm trees, water, and folks in their shirtsleeves...


These are really great photos! I liked this post very much.

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; I followed you home. Those photos of "warm" are appreciated. It's 6 above and supposed to get even colder, with wind chill, this morning. I still have to go to the barn and am finishing my second cup of coffee first. I need to go to town but hate to go two days in a row...not so much being lazy as trying to combine trips. No way to combine trips on Sunday, I try not to shop on Sunday but don't always succeed.


Oh great shots. It does indeed look warm. Let us all go back to Texas I am going to look at these photos again:) B


Overload us? Isn't that why we come here? haha

EG CameraGirl , Canada

It was lovely to cross over on the ferry with you. :)


What a fun trip -- loved the scenery!


Thanks for the warm and cheery ferry trip.


Glad you had fun in Galveston. When I was there this past summer we parked the car in the lot and walked on the ferry. It was great for taking photos from the upper deck. Stay warm, for goodness sake!


Nice pic of you, Judy...enjoyed the rest of the photos. That was a hefty fine for cutting in the line.


That is cold. Sounds like the kind of winters my daughter had when she was at the University of Iowa for law school. I love the shot of you. Also good of your husband and beautiful shots from your trip.


It was a little warmer here and it melted the last of our snow with the exception of the mountains.

A Romantic Porch

Beautiful. Isn't it interesting how different the weather can be from one place to the next.

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