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Have you ever seen a Speed Limit 7 sign before?  I have to admit this is a first for me.  We went to check out the hours for the free ferry that goes from Galveston to Bolivar Peninsula, and we saw this speed limit sign driving into the parking lot.  Now 7 mph is pretty slow and driving that slow you sure can't miss what is happening around you.

Speed limit 7

That is pretty much how life is too.  I know I mentioned in another post about Jim stopping to talk to people.  Well, when he went to the guard shack to find out the hours of the ferry, I did notice he was gone for a bit, so like always I dug out my smart phone while I waited.  Next thing I knew he was telling me to meet his new friend.

His new friend happened to be the guard at the Bolivar Galveston Ferry.  His name is Ruben Reyna and Ruben is a poet, and a beautiful poet at that.  He sells his poetry out of the back of his car, though he was supposed to be working he was talking to us :)  He was an interesting man and his poetry was so beautiful.  He read us about 5 of his poems and I was mesmerized.  I asked him if he had any of his poems published and he told us one time he tried but it didn't go well, so he would rather sell them this way. 

I felt that God put us here to meet this man.


I know here in blogland sometimes lives seem so perfect when you go and read other blogs, and it may seem like mine is too, but it's not.  I have ups and downs and trials and tribulations just like everyone else.  I just don't like to post about it and I'm sure you wouldn't like to read about it all the time either.  I try to stay positive and live my life in the moment and not look back at the shoulda, woulda, coulda's.

Ruben and i

I told Ruben that I blog and with his permission I will post a poem, which is actually a song and he sung it for us.  It's a beautiful song and I wish I could sing it for you.  Rubens poems are copyrighted.

Book of poems



There will be times when I will walk with Jesus.

And there will be times, when he will walk with me.

For I know he really loves me, and by his grace someday he'll set me free.

There will be times when I talk to Jesus, for I know he'll listen to my prayers.

Though no matter why I'm asking, somehow I know that he'll be there.

There were times when I doubted that he loved me.

For no reasons that I could clearly see.

But he came into my life to clean me, so that I could be with him eternally.

Hold my hand and we'll walk together, with him and feel the love he has in store.

And when we reach our final footsteps, we won't have to wonder anymore.


Ruben Reyna


People come into and grace our lives, just like Ruben did this night for us.  I walked away feeling Gods presence and so blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today.