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That is such a beautiful poem Judy. Thanks to Ruben for allowing you to share it.

Growing up down in that area I remember that speed limit sign. We always laughed at it as we got near the Ferry. Nice to know that a little piece of unusual is still out for all to see and smile at. :)


What a beautiful poem! I'm so glad Ruben let you share it will us.
You can really meet some interesting people if you take the time to talk with them.


thank you for sharing his soul with us. :)


Oh Judy... what a meeting!! And I loved your post. It's so true...all of us has our heartaches..that we don't want to share!! His 'song' is beautiful and so full of truth..Meeting likes this I truly believe they are ordained!! And God can use each of us like this!!


quite the perfect post...

thank you...for many reasons...


Beautiful, the song and the story!


Facebook is having a global conference on "facebook envy", or the concept of feeling inferior because of others' lives as we perceive them online. It's definitely a toss up between writing only the nitty gritt and coming off like a complainer, and weaving tales of impossible contentment. But I've friends on Facebook who only speak of their health issues, day after day, and I've decided I don't want to do that online, publicly. And I've friends who truly do live glamorous lives of travel and fame, but I know them so intimately that I see the difficulty of living the public life in constant transit. The best blogs are the ones that are real; honest blogs that find a way to foster hope, self-esteem, discovery. Yours does that, else you would not have stopped to get to know this man. It speaks to your humanity, Judy. I think you should attend Facebook's conference. :)


What an interesting time and would love to have met this guy.

Our hubbies are so alike...Roger talks to everyone. He even comes bringing them home sometimes.

I guess I tell enough of our stuff...sometimes as an explanation of why I haven't been blogging. But there is enough I don't tell.


I agree you were meant to meet. 'Coincidence' is when God works but remains anonymous. I'm glad you posted his song.


Love his poem. Wonderful photos too.

Suz T

That.....was.....beautiful. I've been reading your blog for a few months and made a resolution to stop lurking and start commenting. Thank you for sharing your tho'ts and photos. They bring me peace.


Such a beautiful poem. All glory to God.

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