the poet

spending the day in houston

We got up really early yesterday and went to our son and daughter-in-laws home.  Jim was helping our son put an attic pull down for his garage, so it will be much easier getting things up into the garage attic, since no-one has basements here storage space is pretty limited.  The drive in was uneventful and the sunrise coming up was pretty, it was very hazy out in the morning.

Foggy morning

I got to go and have lunch with our granddaughter at her school, there is a visitors table set up so that parents can eat with their child and not have to squish in with all the other children.  I don't think we would have been able to fit at her lunch table anyway.

I managed to get the girls to sit long enough for a photo, but it's not a great one, they both were pretty excited, and Olisa was very excited to have her mom and sister come, and I think I might have added to the excitement some as she didn't know I was going to be there.

Having lunch

We have only one week left here, wow did the time fly by.  We actually have to get back a bit early for some things.  I'm not looking forward to going back to the cold, but I am glad it's cold so that maybe when it's time to make our maple syrup we'll get a good volume of sap.  I'm seeing all over blogland the freezing temps people are having, but in order for the sap to run you need a cold winter. 

I hope Y'All are trying to keep warm, I know who am I to talk, when I'm down in a place where the temps range from 50-70 degrees :)