our blue jar is filling up
who's cold?

home :: sweet :: home

Well, we made it home, we drove non-stop because we were expecting lots of snow today and lots of snow we have.  We pulled into town yesterday mid-day and got some groceries just on the off chance the weather predicted was correct, and lo and behold it was.

Snowy window

Yesterday we got everything unload from the van, but I was too tired to do laundry so I'm doing that today.  This morning we went through the mail and I checked out my checking account and bills.  Being debt free sure makes it nicer after the vacation is over, we aren't reminded every month with bills of how wonderful a time we had :) 

Going through the mail

I cleaned out my cupboards this morning of dishes that I either had too much of or never used.  I pulled out this cute soup cup that was tucked way in the back of one of my cupboards and the little blue bowl and saucer I just bought at the Goodwill store down in Galveston, it's going to work great for hot side dishes, such as the beans I cooked for lunch today.

Soups on

We are kind of still in vacation mode and just doing odds and ends around the house, which I seem to never do or for that matter take the time to do.

We really had a wonderful time but there is nothing like being home, despite to snow we're getting today.