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ferry :: trip

We did make it on the free ferry yesterday.  It was a short trip over to Bolivar Peninsula and back, but it was fun.


Cars on ferry

Red, white, blue

There was lots to see on the way out and back, not only boat traffic but what looked like a sunken ship.

Ship wreck

Light house

Many people take this ferry, and Ruben the guard said that it cut 70 miles off for people on their way to Louisiana.

Getting off

Heading back was much the same, only we switched sides of the ferry.  I like facing forward when riding in anything, be it automobile, train or boat.


Getting on a boat of any kind, Jim seems to love it.  I think he misses his boat and Lake Michigan, the water always calls to him.

Watching to boats

Later after we got off the ferry we went to dinner, and I picked a seafood restaurant.  Kind of fitting seeing we just got off the water.


Saltwater grill

I had an Almond Coconut Crusted Salmon dish and it was delicious!  I've really only have had salmon when Jim would go fishing out on Lake Michigan and catch it, and it definitely wasn't prepared anything like this.

Salmon dish

I didn't post all the photos I took, I will post those tomorrow.

We're trying to do the "tourist" thing and see some places before we head back home next week.  I know it's cold back home and in other places, but until I'm actually back there, I'm not going to think about it and I'm going to continue to enjoy the nice weather down here.

Y'All have an awesome kind of day today.