a day at the beach
spending the day in houston


Did I tell you we are getting bees?  Well we are.


We bought some honey from a guy selling honey on the roadside this past summer, and Jim ended up talking to him for awhile (which I'm used to).  The man offered at that time to mentor Jim with bees, but we weren't quite ready to get any yet.  Well, the man called Jim last week and asked him if he was still interested in doing bees, that he would still mentor him and show him what all he knows about raising bees.  What an opportunity, it is one we just couldn't pass up, tho we weren't quite ready to start yet, we are now :)

Bee hive

Don't you just love the cute bees and beehive?  My daughter-in-law made them.  They are hand rolled chocolate for the Pooh and Friends cake she made for our granddaughter who turned 2 on Saturday.

Pooh and friend


Flowers and grass

Kate had a hard time with Tigger's head, so she had him diving into the cake instead of sitting like the rest.


Isn't it cute?  Kate does such a great job, I keep saying she needs to open up her own business making cakes for all occasions.

Birthday cake

Time is starting to wind down for us here :(  I still have a bit more to share with you on our San Antonio trip yet.

Hope Y'All are doing fine today!