ferry :: trip
our blue jar is filling up

bird captures

This woman was feeding the gulls, and at times they got pretty close to her where she would duck from them.

Feeding the birds

This cracked me up as the cormorants were all lined up.

All lined up


I love this shot!  As I was taking this photo I saw a gull fly into my shot but my camera didn't focus on it.  I think it looks pretty cool.

Birds and flag

I love this shot too, it looks like the gull is gazing at the Texas flag.


Well this is our ferry ride.  Yesterday we took our van and went on the ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula and took a little road trip.  I'll post those later when I can.  We're packing up today and heading to Houston tomorrow.  We are leaving a bit early from our time down here.  Lots to do at home that is calling us.  Our time here has been fun, but I do miss my home and life back in Southwest Wisconsin.

We'll miss our family here and look forward to when we can come back again.