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Finally after two years of living here I'm finally doing some decorating.  Living in a log home fits into my love of vintage.  I found this cute little cabinet at an antique shop over in the next town, the funny thing is my daughter-in-law and I had visited this place a few months back and she was eyeballing this and even took a picture of it with her phone, I totally didn't remember that until I bought it and she told me that.  I really need to get those cords put away so they are not so visible.  The plant stand to the left of the cabinet was made by one of my uncles in the 1950's.  I don't have a place for the mini quilt that I had made, so there it stands in front of the tree.


I've been craving cake lately so I just had to make one.

Slice of cake

Yesterday we got snow, and this morning while making bread I looked out the kitchen window and saw my neighbors barn.  I know I've posted this barn before but I just love it and it looked so pretty with snow on the trees, roof and ground.

Red barn

I'm off this morning to do some snowshoeing.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today!