i'm starting to dream of spring
farm friend friday

we finally got plowed out

Not long after I posted my last post about not being plowed out, he came.

Blizzard 4

Blizzard 1

Blizzard 7

I did end up going into work and I didn't have to snowshoe to the truck to get there.

Blizzard 2

Heading down the drive on my way out wasn't so bad.

Blizzard 8

That is until I got onto our road.  Lucky for me someone had already gone through (probably our plow guy).  If it weren't for the tracks, you couldn't tell where the road was.


Once I got off our road it was clear sailing.


That is until some guy driving a milk truck decided he needed to pass my van, the car in front of me AND the snow plow.  I guess he missed the memo that stated "We just had a snow storm and the roads are not that great...So drive safely".