grilling season
a treasure given to me

an idea came almost 8 years ago

Red,white,blue quilt

Quilt collage

I started the idea to make a quilt on the way to our son Jason's graduation from basic training in 2001.  We were on our way to Fort Sill, Oklahoma and stopped at a quilt shop on the way.  I have picked up fabric on our travels over the past 8 years and have stock piled them up for the time when I would eventually start the quilt.  So, July 2007 I decided to start the quilt and have slowly finished a block or two or three since then.  I got the push to get this quilt done when at my last ASG meeting the challenge for June would be a Red, White and Blue theme.  Nothing like a challenge to get a person motivated.  I wanted to finish this quilt without buying any more material.  I dug in the scrap box that I got from my mom and found enough material to finish it off.  The only thing I bought was the batting.

I am very pleased with it how it turned out.  The only thing is when I was quilting it...I felt like I was in a wrestling match.  I need to get one of these babies....sigh...someday.  I never knew it before but quilting is pretty addicting.

Quilting Fever

by Beverly Page, Winthrop, New York. 

I can shop all day
and hardly spend a dime.
But let me in a fabric shop --
I nearly lose my mind!

I see those lovely fabrics
so pretty and so bright
My eyes take on a glassy look
(it really is a fright).
My knees, they start to shaking,
my nose begins to twitch.
As I look at all the colors,
my fingers start to itch.

I picture Dresden Plate
done up in yellows and blue
Oh, look at that lavender
just right for Sun Bonnet Sue!
Across another aisle
it's true I almost ran
For a shade of brown I had to have
to make for Overall Dan.

Drunkard's Path or Ohio Star
pieced in that real bright red
Would be absolutely beautiful
covering my bed.
I gasp, I pant, I simply
lose all sense of time.
As I pick out all the colors
that I have to have as mine!

I hurry home, my purchases
clutched tight beneath my arm,
Dreaming of the quilts I'll make
and how they'll keep us warm.
Housework gets forgotten but
I have no pangs of guilt
As I start cutting and a-piecing,
'cause I'm going to make a quilt!