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cell phones, but you gotta have them...


Ever wonder what we we did before cell phones? 

Yesterday pulling out of the gas station, I saw this construction worker, working in an enclosed machine digging dirt, this machine had 4 legs out so it wouldn't tip over.  I don't know the name of it, but anyway, this guy was digging dirt and talking on his cell phone at the same time, phone tucked tight to his ear held up by his shoulder.  Again, I missed a picture of it, and couldn't turn around. (I really should carry my camera in my hand when I drive but that would be a hazard, so I took a picture of Cass talking on 2 play cell phones).

Ever go into a store and someone is on the cell phone, asking the person, what kind of soup it was they wanted.  What ever happened to the day when you were sent to the store and bought the soup, only to return back to the store because you got the wrong kind. 

Or you are in line and your cell phone rings, you can barely hear because the reception is so bad, because you only have 1 bar on your phone, but you can make out that the person on the other end wants you to get M&M's for the cookies they are making.  So you get out of line to get them. are at a restaurant and the person near you is having a conversation with someone, and you hear both sides of the conversation.

Or yet see a couple in a car and both of them are on cell phones.  I doubt that they were talking to each other.

Really, before there were cell phones, what did we do?  Made more trips to the store, and waited until we got home to call someone.  Cell phones are nice, I have one, and don't leave the house without it, but there are days when I don't even talk on it.  When I first got one, RM told me to at least turn it on.  Our land line at home hardly ever rings anymore.  I used to say when Elaine got married, the phone stopped ringing and the piano stopped playing.  Now the phone just doesn't ring, I know it works, because it does ring now and again, and it is always for RM or I.  Cell phones are nice if I have to get a hold of the kids, I do feel comfort when they do have them.  It just gets me to thinking, where would we be without cell phones.  Would life be better, or have cell phones made our lives more easier? 

I personally like my cell phone, not that I use it much, I just feel a small comfort having it in case something happens. 

nuff said...

You all have a great day.