amish buggies

Going home2

Going home

Pulling out

We took a drive on Sunday and taking a drive in our area on a Sunday can mean only one thing, watch out for the Amish in their buggies.  My shots are a bit blurry as I took the shots quickly (and no I wasn't driving LOL).

morning company

I thought I'd have my morning coffee with you today.  Come on in and sit by the wood stove to warm up and have a cup of coffee.


Mr is in his corner reading this morning.

Misters corner

Don't mind me that I have my feet up, I can still visit with you all.


I just love having company. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and definitely come again :)

keeping busy in texas

I did a bit of knitting to keep myself busy while Mr. worked when we were down in Texas.  Fortunately he can bring his work down to Texas when we go, unfortunately we are not retired so I have to bring portable projects to keep me busy. 

I did a bit of knitting down there.  I asked our girls if they wanted anything for me to make them. 

One wanted slippers.

Nonfelted slippers

One wanted fingerless gloves.  She still had the ones I had made her back in 2010.


Mr. wanted a new hat, so I drove to League City Texas to a cute yarn shop that I had found last year to get some yarn.

Seamans cap

Our two granddaughters feet were cold when they would come to the beach house, so I made slippers for them.


I still have some knitting projects that I want to make, hopefully I won't wait until the next time we go somewhere to work on them :)

beach days

When we walk the beach we also look for shells and this year we found some good ones.  The shells in Galveston are not as pretty as the ones in Sanibel Florida, but I still like them.


Playing pie tag in the sand.

Pie tag

Playing pie tag

Enjoying the sand and sea.


Kite flying on the beach is pretty awesome.

Kite flying

A few finds found on our morning walks.



Hermit crab

The girls and I.

The girls and i

Tho there were cooler days on the beach, that really didn't damper our time spent there.

Again my photos were taken with my cell phone.